Dear Friend,

I know we have never met….The handsome man in the photo I’ve sent is my son, US Army Lt. Clint Lorance…Ever since he was a child, he showed himself a born leader and protector….Every toy he possessed was a fire truck, police car, or ambulance….It was no surprise when he informed me that he was going to join the US Army which he did at age 18….He was deployed to Afghanistan….He was sent to a hot zone on a dangerous mission to replace a wounded officer who had been injured when the Taliban attacked his platoon a few days earlier…The village he went through was riddled with land mines, so his platoon had to set out on foot in the neck of this very village….A spotter helicopter reported to Lt. Lorance a group of motorcycle riders outside the village….As he confirmed a clear description of the enemy, one of the cycles gunned his engine toward the platoon…One of his men asked if he should fire a warning shot which he did. Then they all sped at the platoon formation, jumped off their bikes and walked toward the platoon…He gave the order to fire on them which resulted in both killing some and capturing others. Back at the base, the captives tested positive for explosive power. Eventually held with testimony from several soldiers who were then exonerated for testifying against Lt. Lorance…He was sentenced to 20 years at Fort Leavenworth Prison… They later recanted their testimony, giving a different story.

I write this not verbatim but to give you the key facts.  We have a President of the United States who thinks more about seeing those terrorist Muslims at Gitsmo go free so they can return to kill again.

Here is an American officer, Lt. Lorance, who possessed a most honorable record of over ten years service being tossed to the wolves just to appease some left-wing anti-militarist ideologues. Wonder how many  like him out there suffering similar fate?

Yes, sir!!  A great leader and a great President. A great Nation!  Just look at the shysters in NYC democrat politics and the terror by a bunch of screwballs in Missouri.  Political and College leaders?! Dropouts?  Arsonists!! Red Diaper Babies!

Any wonder this kid got railroaded for doing an exemplary job protecting his platoon members.

With the grace of our Father in Heaven, and Jesus spiritual leadership, may this sent angel, Maj. Bill Donahue (USMC-RET) win the battle for this soldier and return him with full pay to his rank of Lt. US Army. And may our President suffer the mental burden of some of his acts in past weeks that tarnish and bring much sorrow upon our beloved Nation, and that our Lord gives him the strength to learn and seek advice from leaders of military and both political parties.

God help us all.


4 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: FROM THE DESK OF MRS. ANNA LORANCE”

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