Kindred’s Special: Ravaging the Constitution and American Law

It had to be said and it took Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana to say it.  After all this time, with the Obama presidency and White House high jinx about Muslims, he points to the influx of Muslims and the Islamic faith they prescribe to, being unwilling to accept the laws of the United States Constitution with demands for Sharia law be accepted in assimilated enclaves.  When a people immigrate here and want to set up their own culture and value system, as opposed to the past integration of many immigrant families into the American culture, it is referred to as colonization.  This demand turns into a state of invasion, if one is honest about correct terminology, and a way to lead to a confusing conflict of social and moral values within our society. I find it destructive legalities that would undermine the fabric of the legal system and our heritage as a Nation.


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