Kindred’s Special: Those darn windmills are killing my birds

Well, at least I have no bird life except for a few songbirds that frequent my feeders–weather permitting.  By that I mean, the two feet of snow in my yard prevents me from supplying bird food.

That is not the problem. Normally I get all kinds of winter birds coming to my feeders.  Not so, this year. Why?  Ask the environmentalists.  Ask them why the wide-ranging layout of so-called environment friendly power turbines that have been constructed in the path of bird flight patterns across the country are killing birds and interfering with their homing? And while you are at it, ask the President.  I am sure they have the answer.  Criminal?  Perhaps silence and denial comes from the mouths of liars and deceivers.

I have written extensively on this in one of my previous articles quoted in part from a bird lover (Albright) who was a kind of whistleblower.  Seems as though she got the inside dope on it long ago.

Also, while I am about it, I usually get many butterflies visiting my butterfly bushes. This year — a few spotted.  They migrate from down Mexico way and travel across the states. Of course maybe those tornadoes can be blamed.  But the weird thing is, natural weather never prevented their arrival before.  Strange, is it not?


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