Kindred’s Special: I Cannot Believe It? My Dream to be Quiet and Just Listen?

What voice was this that I was awakened in the early morning some weeks ago? “Just listen.” That is all. What meaning did this have? Just listen. So I turned on Fox News. President Obama was on telling how Islam was a great religion. Later, he refused to mention the Muslim Religion as anything but a great religion. Peaceful! Okay. So, I listen. What does it mean: “Just listen.”

When I rose and had breakfast many days later after something telling me to not write about the Obama Administration or White House coverage, I heard a crash in my study. Entering I saw the dictionary I often use along with my Readers’ Digest Family Word Finder that I had left on my desk the night before on the floor–opened strangely enough to pages 562-3. My eyes fell upon the numerous words starting with hy and describing various conditions of the key word HYPN or HYPNO. To discover what my trusty Family Word Finder had to say about this, it was completely passed over. No mention at all of any words starting with HYPN or HYPNO. I thought how strange?

I guess one could say, “speed forward to this early morning as I write this. Actually I had no intention of doing so, having listened to my mysterious voice telling me to just listen and remain silent of issues. How I wanted to write; oh, how I wanted to write. But I remained silent. I heard the voice reminding me that silence is golden if you have nothing to add to the discussion.

Now the voices on the TV news by our President and other White House staff and administration perhaps began to make sense. If I had not remained silent, just listened, and pursued what a normally generated topic I would write into my Word article base would likely have been related to simply reviewing what the news media was constantly shoveling out to the public. Rhetoric which really now in mind was a rant by those in the news media being conned, WH staff,  and maybe both Susan Rice and John Kerry as well.

There was no more voice awakening me (thankfully). I was wondering if I was losing it. The common thread of talk by the various White House sources and even our illustrious Secretary of State began to gel a bit of wisdom and question in my mind. Could it be, in fact, a type of hypnosis that these White House folks had been conditioned? There are various forms of this as my dictionary relates with very good examples.  And I think about the fact that so much has been done behind closed doors and with input from Muslim officials who frequent the White House.  How much would it take by words or suggestions and a type of hypnosis, perhaps administered as suggestive by an expert in that science, using key words that would radically make denial of any mention of Islam being associated with radicalism of any kind; it is a great religion!  Perhaps our President has been told not to ever use Muslim ideology in reference to terrorism.  The hypnotic suggestive state could make it impossible to ever say those words.

I wish the voice would tell me if I was correct in figuring out what it was telling me; that, in fact, the episode with the dictionary falling and opening to the exact pages I mentioned as well as the fact that my popularly used Readers’ Digest Family Word Finder yielded no mention at all was prophetic and the feeling I had to sit down and record all this immediately.

Yes, I think about the voice.  Was it imagination; was it an angel from Heaven sent by Michael because he knew I could be a conveyor of truth, having a belief that angels do exist and truth and justice is forthcoming as I had written about God’s wrath earlier?  It is true that America is blessed and unique.  That is why it is hated by Satan aka Lucifer.  Oh, of course, Islam says we are the great Satan.  Don’t believe it.  Lucifer is the great liar and his fallen angels and he were long ago cast out of the Heavenly body.  Satan exists and is known by his prodding with his pitchfork of those who he wields power over. The future of America is given in the Bible which is why Satan is forever scorched in misery awaiting the end time.

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