Kindred’s Special: Life is not always fair.

But to put it quite plainly, we simply know not when the grim reaper appears. My grandma died the night I went to visit her where she was recuperating at a nursing home facility.  It was the first time I experienced death in our family.  We had a good talk; she was very conversant.  Maybe that is what shocked me so about death.  It can be so unexpected.

Dad died after suffering a heart attack several years later.  He had gone out after breakfast to open the barn door for the coal truck that was making a delivery. I had left for work. Mom called me.  We had no chance for hugs or goodbyes or express our love.

If I were to say what sustains a family, it is the love and faith in Jesus, faith coming from fond memories of kindness, love and respect and to try to always be helpful when any such situation arose.

My mom and dad taught me the ten commandments.  I truly believe it was this training that sustained me in those trying times because I realized that death for us was not the final solution but awakening to a new dimension in our faithfulness with our Lord.  It was to one day let me understand the Lord’s blessings and being a part of God’s family.  And studying the Bible became more and more binding in this relationship and finding or affirming some answers in addressing Life’s mysteries.

Perhaps that is the essence of our journey; it may be nothing more than finding the right path among many in a search for truth and the meaning of why we are here; what differentiates us from animals and birds?  Are we indeed superior to other living things or is that the human ego showing itself?  If God created all things, there must be a reason for making the Earth whole and livable.  I know he made man and woman in his own image so as to be productively gaining knowledge.

The Bible says when all things come to pass, the truth will be revealed.  That evil will be destroyed; that the lamb and the tiger will lay together in peace.

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