Kindred’s Blindfold Simul-match game

White:    Donald P. Reithel    vs. Anon   Opening: French Defense

1. e4  e6  2. Qe2 is a variant that I used in my blindfold play.  Over several games it proved to possess quite a bit of poison. The advantage is that it is infrequently played so, for blindfold play, I found it ideal.  And forgive me;  I shall not give away secrets in my own analysis.  But do, please note, my use of my square count in this game.

2. ….  Nc6  3. d3  d5  4. f4  d:e4?!  My opponent challenges the center and then simply surrenders pawn power in that sector.

5. d:e4  Nf6  6. Nf3  Be7  7. c3  O-O  8. g3  Bd7  9. Bg2  Ng4 10. h3  Nf6  Black probably hoped to create a pawn structure weakness to later probe.

11. O-O  Bc5+  12. Kh2  Qe7  13. Nbd2  e5  14. f5  a5  15. a4  Rad8  16. Nc4  Rfe8  17. g4  h5  Was he simply trying to confuse me?

18. g5  Nh7  19. Be3  b6  20. B:c5  Q:c5  21. Ne3  Ne7  22. Rg1  Bc8 23.  Rae1  Bd7  24. Nh4  N:g5  25. Q:h5  Nh7 During this sequence, I had started to play a little more quickly, having met fewer position headaches facing me.

26. Bf1! With the intention of relocating my forces to assist in pressuring the enemy King by attack on the f7 pawn.

26. …. B:a4  27. Bc4  Rf8  28. f6  Rd2+  29. Kh1  Rg2  30. R:g2  Ng6 31. R:g6  N:f6  32. R:g7ch  K:g7 33. Rg1ch Ng4  34. R:g4ch Kf6  35. Qg5checkmate.

Frankly, I have my doubts about 2. Qe2.  White  can adopt 2. d3 which, in all likelihood, is more apropos and is in keeping with the ideals of a Sicilian or French setup by Black.  The text ( Qe2 ) simply tosses Black an unclear bone !? tending to put both players in a theatrical play where the suspense of the mystery plot keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.  If this move does it in this chess game of life, then it is appropriate…at least until someone digs up analysis that darkens her usefulness.

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