Kindred’s Special: Hillary Clinton’s Legacy??

Hillary Clinton is probably missing one of the greatest joys of motherhood and being grandma to her little bundle of joy and family.  We only go around once in this world.  What pleasures we get are often shrouded in, not what we desire so much, as what others expect of us.

What do I mean by that?  Well, for starters, she hitched herself to one of the most promising political figures in American life. And make no mistake about it–it was her forceful personality and ambition to ride the wave all the way to the White House.  In this regard, it proved to be a match of personality of one with that of a go-getter who desired to reach the highest pinnacle of a political class, namely the Democratic Party.  And by history of financial goals, she spearheaded the White House and Presidency of Bill Clinton to become one of the most powerful women in the world–and certainly among the wealthiest Presidential pairs.

She lost out to the dynamic colored professor who came out of nowhere and a credible adversary and victor, backed heavily by the liberal news media.  He promised change, new direction, no more war.

Let me see.  In 2007 I called him a Pied Piper who was leading astray the young people as well as the liberal establishment. An apostle of left-wing thought,  he manufactured with the blessing of the news media a dance of political cronyism. Prophetic words. He was broadcast as one of the greatest orators ever in public life. His adversaries said he depended upon his electronic monitor.  President Obama’s legacy is yet to be written.  It is regrettable that he had a character flaw– a failure to seek the best from both political parties that resulted in mapping his perceived road to being King Obama.  Some of his supporters were willing to throw him under the bus as he had done to others.

This did not deter Mrs. Clinton who worked her magic into the halls of the Obama realm.  She worked diligently and was named the Secretary of State to gain support of Bill Clinton where, once again, the magic of the news media propelled her record of being named, “one of the best ever.”  Of course the results seem to paint a different picture.  As usual, the press turned it into a rose-colored story of her accomplishments.  And the liberal women in America were happy to abide by such a descriptive painting.

Is she the great woman who America embraces?  Perhaps. Perhaps not.  She certainly ranks above female Democrat liberals. But there are a number of women in both parties who qualify as challengers to such greatness.  Certainly their records of achievement, especially in the field outside of the political arena that really made Hillary Clinton and now have entered as public servants with all the potential to greatness in the American politic.  Would she ever have made it big in politics if it hadn’t been for being the wife of Bill Clinton?  In private life as a lawyer, dominated by her leftwing record, was anything but star glittered.  There was even a financial scandal here and there which I won’t touch.  It is not my intention to criticize her accomplishments in the public arena.

The world is in turmoil.  It is perhaps a rival as such rarely seen throughout the historic past.  ‘History repeats itself.’ Where did you hear that before?  Here–by me?  America has always raised up leaders in such trying times.  It has always been the character displayed of the integrity, mostly the good, sometimes the bad and ugly, shown within the spirit of our People from many laborious backgrounds.

It is not the makeup of Hillary Clinton to be just a wonderful mother and grandmother that she publicly portrays. She has an insatiable appetite for power.  There comes a time when real pleasures in life should take precedence over ambition and power plays in life.  There is a time to rest and enjoy being a parent and a grand parent.  Maybe this is a yoke about her neck for which she must forever bear.

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