Kindred’s Special: Rise of God’s wrath

I believe the Bible when it comes to smashing the enemies of those who treat the mighty ten commandments with contempt.

Evidence I see as warnings from biblical teachings speak of this age as it did in the days of the Roman Empire.  There will be fire, starvation, loss of usable water, famine and a mighty battle waged against evil-evil-evil.

Beware the wrath of God when Michael, the avenging Angel, will bring about the total destruction of evil beings.

Like the rise and fall of mighty evil empires of the past: Roman Empire, the evil Adolph Hitler and Axis empire of Germany, Italy, and Japan, when all seemed lost to a return to the dark ages under this evil group, the free nations of the world united and wreaked destruction upon them.

Never fear.  History repeats itself again and again with good conquering evil.  It will happen here; but remember–this time our Lord Jesus is going to take a hand in this before it is over to save the world from itself.  Those who commit evil will perish by the words and warnings–less they repent.  For many, it is already too late.

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