Kindred’s Special: Obama–Liar and Cheater of America

Well folks, I got the latest news about our wunderkind President who said one thing and then stabbed the veterans in the back. I found this on Fox News report about the corruption in killing the opportunities afforded our veterans medical of choice.  In effect, the bill passed earlier to give veterans a voice, was undermined by our wonderful President.

Is there any wonder why our country is getting the shaft on a regular basis?

At last the King of Jordan has ordered the death of Islamic terrorists in captivity and killed the lady who was responsible for many deaths. It is time that good folks begin to cancel out the evil among us throughout the world.  And it is time the President gets called to answer his stupid program and that of the White House by ordinary citizens and not political hacks.

Let Freedom Ring loud and clear in these trying times.  And give our military the tools to do the job needed and the wisdom of our military leaders.

2 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: Obama–Liar and Cheater of America”

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