Kindred’s Special: Sheldon Silver, Grandfather of NY Corrupt Politics gets cornered in the Endgame

Yep!  It had to happen later in life, if not sooner.  New York corruption woes went merrily along with deftness in the media except for occasional rumblings within the inter-circle of law-abiding citizens and have remained ineffective with dealing out justice.  Interesting that liberals in NY politics like Morelli, Cuomo, Johnson, Gabryszak, Spano, Scarborough, Libous, Leibell, Gabriela Rosa, Kruger, Shirley Huntley, and Vito Lopez all had their photos included with the supreme Sheldon Silver– all Democrats in the corrupt NYS legislature.  And needlesstosay, many democrats are backing Sheldon Silver during this crisis.  But then again, one might suppose he has something on many of them so it is time to play the endgame to try for stalemate.

Where does this leave honest and honorable New Yorkers?  The state has been a den of criminals for decades.  The liberal media, supported by the whole faction of universities, colleges, unions and their mouthpieces who drown out honest labor and work practices.

Perhaps exposure of a hoodlum mentality that had fruit on the crooked tree of life is best seen when in 2000 Silver gave short shrift to those who opposed him by removing them from committee posts while rewarding cronies.  Another scam was perpetrated by our wonderful governor when he closed down the crime investigating commission just a few months ago. Politicians are supposed to represent their constituents.  In New York it might reflect poorly on the voting public because creeps like this continue to plague the landscape and debase the character of our Empire State. Makes you wonder about a lot that goes on in politics proving that the bad and the ugly are ever with us.

Same old defense of criminals:  the Party Faithful rally in support of the accused, arguing that the accused are innocent until proven guilty.  Unfortunately, far too often we see that favorite term of mine about endgames–the stalemate conclusion with no punishment except for those who instigated the investigations.

I am not holding my breath to see any change in the future but to see it continue to get worse across America and the world. In this, I remain a compassionate conservative.


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