Kindred’s Special: In the Grab Bag

Oh, my!  I promised myself that I was going to enjoy Syracuse Orange basketball; I did.  Then I caught the President’s report to the nation.

Since the election I have been guarded in my comments pro and con because I figured he needed a place to rest his weary head from the trials and tribulations of critics.  Politicians kick when they see a bloody wound; except for die-hard loyalist ‘hangers-on’.

President Obama is not really a true orator.  He speaks too much and too frequently.  His speeches remind me of a bag of tricks –a bag containing numerous speeches made over the years where he pulls out past speeches until he comes across one that fits the occasion.  In this, he polishes it up.  Perhaps it is better and in his mind he rationalizes: LET THEM EAT CAKE.  He certainly dishes it with all the sugar-coating.

Of course he is surrounded by staunch supporters, those who want to be in the picture so as to say, “I was there!”

My point is that the speech achieves each time exactly what he wants to convey to his audience. He flowers it up with a bow. He directs this euphemism with great skill and reaps satisfaction for his tonic administered to the people.


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