Kindred’s Special: The Kingdom of the Chess Board

Every kingdom on the chessboard represents a dual political entity… a fight, a war, a political drama that in miniature form might be seen as a struggle much the way a boa constrictor works its magic of squeezing and then swallowing its victim as one thought while on the other hand, it might be as fierce a struggle as a nuclear blast on the field of battle. I wish that our politicians would familiarize themselves with values found in its maze of critical thought that includes judgment, planning, evaluating and making decisions, time management and in practice–the risks needed to employ ideas from thought to the board. Such recording of mental thought translates for the student as well the experienced player a solid groundwork of this whole process that enables the players to experience a positive or negative feeling which heightens the desire to further success and improvement.

For our leaders of industry, education, of governmental bodies, such a broad exposure to the elements as well as the crux of battlefield adventures, strengthens resolve and effects character traits…good or bad.

Yes, chess can be a great value; it can also be a vice. The term “hustler” is filled with this good and bad. But the opportunity exists for a serious examination of thought given one’s agenda and desire to play at the game.

History of the hustler ‘tag’ goes back many decades.  In America, New York had a host of hustlers during the depression years who kept themselves alive earning dimes and quarters to pay rent and food bills. The spirit of playing for something was a light for the hustler who often inspired others with their skill for the game.

In some ways one might visualize this spirit in the halls of Washington.  A lot of hustling goes on behind the scenes of both political parties and lobbyists.  The only difference is that the chess hustler makes no bones about why he plays and wins.  The political bosses shade their hustle within the confines of secrecy behind closed doors where lobbyists get the fruit and the folks back home get the  rotten rinds which translate as–“the shaft”.


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