Kindred’s Special: On Christmas Days and New Year Celebration

Enough is enough!  The Biblical records show that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary. Joseph and Mary had gone to pay their taxes and Mary rode on an ass because she was expecting.  They sought a room in an inn but it was full.  No room.  But they were allowed to bed down in the stable for the night.

The shepherds were tending their sheep in the mountains when the angel of the Lord proclaimed to them the birth of Jesus.

So taxes had to be paid.  The shepherds had not yet descended with their flocks from the hills.  It was historically proved that Christ’s birth had to be in our time of August/September.  Shall we say August 25th?  In any case, three wise men came to see the baby who had been born, guided by a star which led them to the stable.  So apparently, Joseph and Mary and baby Jesus had remained in the stable due to Mary’s condition following her baby’s birth.  Likely it would have been at least a week for her to recover by today’s standards.

No.  Jesus was not born on December 25th.  That date was established like most political events that are strictly political decisions.  I have reported on this in an earlier piece.  I shall only comment that it was the date that the pagans worshipped the sun as a god.

Lets face it.  December 25th was proclaimed centuries after Christ’s birth as his birthday. Sticklers argue for what purpose as to when he was actually born. The Bible describes the period of time when he must have been born as I note above.

We have through the ages since been blessed with wonderful stories about Jesus’ birth.  They came from those writers living in the snow belt regions of the Earth.  Christmas has really been commercialized as we know it today.  But is that any reason to remove the joy of the event those many centuries ago?  And Jesus was the Son of God; the angels came from the heavens to proclaim it to the shepherds tending their sheep.  And Joseph and Mary had previously been visited by an angel of the Lord honoring her of her virgin birth to come of God’s own seed.  A miracle YES!

In the simplest way possible, I have given my article to readers of my own research findings of wiser men and women than I who have lived through time with faith and belief in what the Bible says on the subject including the historical records of scribes and human history through the ages.

Not all Christmases are white.  There are also green Christmases depending upon where people reside.  But the joy of the holy season, the wonderment of joy experienced in praising the birth of the Christ child at Christmas cannot be stripped away by those non believers who possess no written records other than their dream world and pushed by the humanists.

In the end time, all things will be made known and Biblical truth given man, woman and child as a great and wondrous blessing will greet the coming of the Lord once more to our planet.


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