Kindred’s Special: An Answer to this Week in the News

The greatest message, law, instruction ever taught for humans to ponder and think on is found in the Holy Bible.  When I study issues that I have no control over yet witness in the news, I turn to my Bible for reference–really the only reference that gives one guidance to truth and fact where lying can be chastised effectively without ruffling somebody’s feathers. Might I just point to Mr. Tax-cheat, who has the ear of our man of all seasons and reasons, President Obama?

Proverbs disapproves of a lying tongue.

There is a difference between telling a falsehood that is meant to buffer anger of the moment from that of falsehood involving stirring bitter hatred and instigating reprisals.  When a falsehood is expanded upon, then you find conditions that now exist on our TV screens that expose chaos among several cities where agitators simply want to be a part of some fantasy of giving ear and being a part that stimulates their need for instant gratification.  Thus, such lies can stir public outcry that is harmful to a civil society and does nothing to effect improving our lives.

The character of people is affected by having a lying tongue.  Children lie for any number of reasons that seem at the time to be innocent deflections from suffering guilty feelings by covering up childish misadventures that tend to evolve over and over. Wise parental upbringing usually will correct over time such misbehaving periods that sometimes comes from child rebellion where the child feels the need to use lying as a self-defense.  Here, the parent can defuse much by pointing out that telling the truth is hard sometimes.  But with truth comes respect and love. These lessons taught to children in a home where respect for a father-mother love is nurtured is important to how children behave into their teen and later years.  There is the rub.  Too many homes lack that bond and parental training.  Perhaps that is why we see the results now taking place.

In my own community state troopers and city policemen have lost their lives or been seriously injured in the line of duty. Most resulted from criminal investigations or traffic stops.  It is a sad reminder that faces every law enforcement family–never knowing if going to work will be the last day of life as they know it.

We are a law-abiding nation where generational change in social norms have evolved I think certainly for the better as well as for the worse.  The laws that govern are not perfect.  But when we see a flaw, can we not seek remedy without the discord seen?  And are we sure the laws that stand over time are not working?  I really have little respect for the tinkering by these so-called reformers that have emerged today to be any better than some from the past that screwed so much up.

What will really create good change on our life long journey and, that journey one way or another, we all walk may, in fact, come from people we have not yet met on that journey.

Some of our prohibition laws of various kinds, as an example, have been meant to be cure-alls but resulted in more problems than the supposed cure for their passage.  Our penal system has seen an expanse in construction of new facilities and a growth in incarceration over the years. It did not slow drug abuse. The remedy for rehabilitation may well come from families and friends of inmates who suffer a sad home life and difficulties of their loved ones having a chance for a normal life regarding employment and community acceptance.  Maybe one way to correct this is to have a rebirth of Jesus’ teachings.  A perfect group example is what such families and friends might form with former inmates of both sexes in rebuilding the trust and forgiveness that has tormented their souls.  Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Yet, a problem exists with the lack of opportunities experienced in the real world of employment.  Maybe if we  all pray on this forgiveness of past sins will lead to a better understanding by all  of us and lead to community spiritual rebirth. For Jesus performed miracles in public among his flock. Perhaps this points the way to a better result by our own efforts instead of imprisonment for minor crimes.


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