Kindred’s Special: A Case of Misguided Justice–Victim or Bully and Thief

Michael Brown was taken in death at a young age by the results of his own doing. By this, I mean, his actions led directly to his death at the hands of law enforcement.

Unfortunately in this age of excuses for wanton behavior, and that is exactly what Michael Brown and his cohort were engaged during a visit to a grocery store where Michael lifted a box of cigars and, in attempting to leave was confronted by the store owner, who he shoved violently as though to say, “Get out of my face boss man unless you want more of the same.” This was not likely a first time adventure into criminal misbehavior but the difference was that it was caught by the store camera. In an age when bullying is being condemned in our school systems across America, and bodily injury was afflicted upon the store owner, the departure of these two into the street suggests poor parenting of Michael Brown and his buddy.

The confrontation by the police officer led further to disobedient behavior. Police are responsible for maintaining law and order and we all are subject to being respectful of the police and their mission in maintaining rights of the public but also visa-versa. Here is rub that the black community often excuses: IF YOU WANT RESPECT, THEN RESPECT THE LAW AND THOSE WHO ARE GIVEN THE RESPONSIBILTY OF ENFORCEMENT. IN THIS CASE, WHAT IS MOST GRIEVING IS THE UTTER DISRESPECT FOR OUR COURT SYSTEM AND LAWS.

Pure and simple–I saw no thought by the black community. Wanton disrespect, a general wanton behavior by those who should know better, is a major cause of breakdown in cities across America as seen in recent days. This whole experience of Michael Brown was so easily avoided but the blame was misplaced from this hoodlum bully to the police officer–a very common practice by the Justice Department over the past 6-8 years by the White House and backed up by President Obama. There is an array of similar cases of blame for criminal activities laid to the feet of the police instead of those who break the law. Just ask Ed Meese. Just ask the governors of border states. Just ask the conservative voices that too often get drowned out by the liberal media and the elite liberals in our government.

I saw little of a constructive and meaningful assessment of this whole problem that most currently is exhibited by the Brown affair. One would hope for a deliberate attempt to shine light on the real issues facing this six-year breakdown of racial harmony. My readers may agree or disagree with my assessment of the nature of this beast (government) that stirs continued hatred and strife among our citizenry, our total population and that mirrored to the rest of the world via news outlets that too often give misconceptions of our American way of life.

As I have often said, our leaders, our cities more populous, and those who sway truth to fit their personal agendas would be wise to learn to play and study chess history and its life giving principles.


PS:  I heard King’s visit and commentary on channel 44 (225).  King writes for a major newspaper.  I give him much credit for his excellent commentary.  But not so much here.  Why?  He was totally unfamiliar with events that took place and only got tidbits about events before and after all the public news coverage.  Yet, he admits he doesn’t tune in to FOX news which was really the only full coverage devoted to the whole episode from start to finish. He pleaded ignorance of the store confrontation with the owner as shown fully on the video tape from the store –before and after.

When I think about it further, I really find many in the communities around the country looking to express the liberalized rhetoric that sounds good for the spirit.  Never mind right or wrong.  No.  I don’t think King was far off the target.  In fact, saying the police officer might have feared even being in the area without backup could have been a cause in part of what King and many have called overreaction by the cop. King talked about statistics.  Well, statistics show that police officers are  injured or slain more often than any other occupation save, perhaps, the military.  It often  comes from answering calls  investigating family disputes, in traffic violations, murder investigations, or robberies.  Just looking at the wounds, hand, right shoulder, arm seems to suggest to me that killing was something the cop was trying to avoid and control.

Our laws and court system of grand jury investigation attempts to protect the innocent as well as the guilty prior to a trial where events can be studied, witnesses questioned free of public pressures of any kind. Grand juries seek the truth.  Those who cry foul before the facts were laid out made it worse by lying.  These liars were caught by testimony of black witnesses who testified under oath that the policeman’s verbal and written report was factual. TRUTH.  But the mass hysteria and twists by the Justice Department and President of the United States engraves a black mark on our system where both are sworn to uphold the laws of our Land.  Uncovering injustice comes from truth. Guilt has many facets.  This combo simply makes a sham of our whole justice system.


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