I read an article in Bottom Line Health, a favorite newsletter of many including myself, on page 13, December 2014, that in simplistic terms define the word NARCISSIST.  A number of critics of the Obama administration have called Barack H. Obama a narcissist.

The title, How to Cope If Your Loved One is a Narcissist, pertains to a growth in research studies attempting to explain the key aspects of a narcissist’s personality–showing how best to cope with such a person.

Indeed, the commentators on the political scene quite rightly call President Obama a typical narcissist; the Kindred has to agree.  Good relationships are based on reciprocity–you listen attentively and empathetically to others for their input: criticisms, ideas, and in response he or she listens to yours.  However, for the narcissist, it is a one-way (my way) street.

New research findings published in Personality and Individual Differences, it was found that narcissism is closely tied to perfectionism, tending to make narcissists very demanding and hypercritical of others.  Turning this article on its head, and relating it to current events on the political scene, my attempt in this essay is to illustrate the correctness of those commentators who, by use of this one word, describes the very nature of our President and perhaps sheds light on behavioral comments he continually addresses to chosen audiences.

The term bickering is petty.  It applies to and describes the partisan battles that wage in Washington, D. C. wherein lies the overload of the narcissist’s personality and belief structure–again pointing to: “its my way or no way.”


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