Kindred’s Special: NY Conservatives battle progressives in 1994 and again in 2014

The New York Conservative Party is alive and well.  In 1994, it refused to surrender to the highly financially backed progressives and then Governor Mario Cuomo machine and its get out the vote helped dethrone elected officials to restore sanity to state government.  Like so often happens, when good governors retire, party control changes by American belief that change is good for the soul.  After a string of corruption, the voters of New York, largely through New York City and eastern region of NYS put in the same old political machine, this time headed by Andrew Cuomo, the son of Mario Cuomo.

Once more the political press in NYS says taking on Governor Andrew Cuomo and his fellow progressives is not worth the fight.  But they’re wrong and I have the feeling they are worried because of the beliefs held and pushed by the conservatives which call for commonsense approaches to solving scholastic issues, to pave or repair roads, bridges, and cut waste.  This year, for example, we have the hype for casino gambling largely run by the Indian tribes.  There is a debate as to casino history to promote gambling, the financial benefit to State coffers  versus a poor record of harming families and creating a social form of slavery. What evidence, if any, gives proof that such income improves the health and education of the various tribes in the United States?  The cry is always, “Oh, there go the conservatives again, trying to stop progress which is the heartbeat of the progressive movement that only looks at a potential financial gain for the STATE  TREASURY.  During this, the conservatives called for developing known reserves of natural gas, plentiful in the Southern Tier.  So far as I see, Governor Cuomo is unsure how to enrich himself, his friends, and the state. I suspect if the landowners offered bribes, such approval would come along like a bird on the wing.  Studies indicate that such recovery of natural gas is safe and not a danger to land, water, wildlife or humans.

The Democrats run on the belief that government policies do best that are liberal and progressive.  It has long belittled the fruits and labors of the conservative movement which duly conducts an agenda of our nation being a republic rather than a democracy in its purest form.  The Democratic Party is really The Democrat Party.  Why the deception?  It requires a little understanding which my readers probably agree that Americans have little interest in government just so long as they get what they hope to get.  I choose my words carefully.  I said hope to get because the powers have little interest in what you and I want to happen or need.

Not too many need to obtain citizenship.  But go to the Federal Building and see what goes on.  At some point you see those asking what party they should join. It is the Democratic Party (sic) that makes sense to the new incoming citizen or family.  That hype is ingrained into the minds of new voters, who knowing little about our country and politics, go along with the crowd.  And the news media, the darling of the Democratic progressive movement (now there is another way that Professor Alinsky and Illinois crook used to brainwash the public by that rather new identity, “progressive”.) He was quite proud of that leftwing cover, “To sway the dumb American public of our leftist real agenda.”

I’ve been asked why I support that little NYS Conservative Party.  I am not afraid to call myself conservative in most things, liberal in a few but then always with a conservative commonsense approach to a problem.  I respect the leadership by the NYS Conservative Leadership of Michael R. Long.  Of course nationally I support the views of leaders on public policies I examine and share or dismiss based upon my “feel for truth”.  I like politicians who stay the course by worthy debate on issues of national importance.  It makes the country stronger.  I follow with interest the TV programming where discussion and debate can be heard without rancor. For me, the soundness of arguments, whether won or lost, show the strong backbone of those who have reached a position and willing to defend or explain it with clarity and forthrightness.



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