Kindred’s Special: Growing up with New York State Apple Orchards

Traveling the roads of rural New York State, I discovered a great increase in orchard expansion with new plantings that just may bring the State closer to being the largest Apple producer in the country.  Most family farms have incorporated and have expanded their orchards and crops where the future for farm employment has become very attractive.  The modern tractor and hauling methods for reaching many markets has managed to take on the transport of apple volume.  It has meant a greatly increased opportunity in the job market for those who enjoy laboring in the outdoors.

One idea that seems to be attractive is that farm workers by and large feel themselves independent while at work.  They often are given tasks which take them into work areas that rely upon following orders, getting the job done, and having relative freedom with a high degree of self-achievement.  The relationship between worker and manager or farm owner is built on respect and dependence because the goods produced usually have a rather tight framework from orchard to factory and diverse enough to include a host of outlets from the farm to the customer.


    1. The average American consumes about forty-five pounds of apples annually.
    2. The biggest apple picked so far weighed in at three pounds.  Many varieties go from tiny to large and flavor and use vary from eating to cooking.  A number of dishes come out of the kitchen to the dining table with cooks swearing by their favorites having the best flavors.
    3. A neighbor, Mrs. Frank Beneway, used to have a contest to see who could produce the longest peel.  I was doing great with a peel of two yards or more when it broke.  I did not win but a lady turned in a peel nearly doubling mine.  Anyway, the world record was created by Kathy Wafler Madison on October 16, 1976, in Rochester, NY, creating a monstrous 172 feet, 4 inches long!
    4. Apple trees have a long history in New York State going back to colonial times and perhaps earlier as Indians raised fruit.
    5. New York farms have produced many varieties through experimentation and have supplied to the public a huge number of fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables in addition to dairy and meat products.

If you have a weekend or even a day free, try taking a trip through the rural areas of New York State.  Such a trip is both educational and enjoyable especially for families with young children.  There are a good number of fruit and vegetable stands as well as farm markets and local restaurants.  Do a little research for places to visit.  You do not have to travel thousands of miles to find good life happenings and memories.



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