Kindred’s Special: The Political Scene–All about power

Friends who follow my articles know well my often chastising President Obama as early as his decision to run in 2007 if not before, liking him to a Pied Piper leading the young astray.  Perhaps more accurately would have been to qualify that with a pompous build up of his popularity through the media where he blossomed quickly as some journalist proclaimed–as mighty as Jesus Christ himself. For whatever it is worth, I must say he brought the youth of America into the political arena.   Yes, he was the Savior of all that troubled the world and he was the saint who was to bring about finally the liberal utopia vision of President Johnson and erasing the political and warring blunders of the Bush administration–in other words, wiping out the GOP power base and replacing it with the dream state long sought by the liberal establishment.  Note I clarify this by the words “liberal establishment” that goes beyond the realm of political parties cooperating into one that simply said: YOU NEED NOT APPLY.  Indeed, for six-years of his Presidency, the power of critical thought was erased from the public sector, replaced instead by blinders put to use much the way Nazism and Communism, seen in previous world powers, collided while America continued to sleep in a state denial until it was awakened by the attack on Pearl Harbor months after bombing of European nations that finally culminated in the vicious air attack against England.  The politics reigned even in those turbulent times because President Roosevelt and the political powers of that scream “for peace in our time,” following in step in the weakness of the Chamberlain belief that negotiations would retain that fallacy.  Thankfully, the wisdom of Sir Winston Churchill was a leader emerging to save the English Empire with the foresight of a brilliant designer of the British Spitfire and government backing to put it into mass production.

Today the public places blame on the antics of the Tea Party emergence into a giant conservative movement, one based upon the constitution which was often abused under the dictates of liberalism.  Liberals simply saw the Tea Party as a bunch of simpletons who were emerging to play a hand in politics but were scoffed at much the way the elite always opposed any who have opposing views and, in their superior mode, dismiss any attempt to contribute to returning America to greatness.  This scoffing was not new.  They scoffed at President Ronald Reagan when he denounced the Soviet Union which was for the elite a veiled ally in the world of political adventure of just getting along to avoid any possible mistake which might spur a world nuclear war.  The elite liberals were startled and angry that the President had called their comrades in the stalemate over decades as an evil empire.  The power of the Papacy coming out of Vatican indirectly supported the President’s description label and follow up with rebuilding the military and modern tech war devices for outer-space turned the tide and returned the world to a sane state for the moment.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am angry with the GOP under George Bush and mostly the State Department that told GM Robert Fischer that he was banned from playing the chess match with Boris Spassky in 1992 which I wrote extensively on in previous articles.  The Yugoslav GM Gligoric was instrumental in finally getting Fischer and Spassky once more to cross swords in battle–a twenty year lapse in Fischer’s long absence from the chess world.  As I reported, I predicted Fischer would return to chess exactly 20-years since his departure.  How I knew this was that he was a student of history and was aware of Lasker’s similar return many years before after retiring from competitive play.  He was a avid student of chess history.

And this was not the only slap in the face of Fischer who loved America.  He was denied by the US State Department from traveling to Cuba to play in a great tournament in honor of Jose Capablanca.  Cuba allowed him to participate from NYC which probably tired him.  Still, he finished in brilliant fashion taking 2nd place.  Here, Spassky beat him with his King’s Gambit which prompted Fischer’s article in the American Chess Quarterly as his famous “Bust to the King’s Gambit” which in subsequent articles were challenged by King Gambiteers.  Fischer never responded. As I wrote earlier on this, THE KING’S GAMBIT continues to be a potent if speculative weapon for the tactical player.

As a conservative by nature, I believe in political debate and that such debate gives the conservative a chance to display his or her critical thought given issues concerning whatever argument is discussed.  I do not think all liberalized views are bad nor are those of conservative views always right.  The elite call conservative viewpoints as “the right-wing” of the Republican Party.  The liberals have been tagged rightly or wrongly as left-wing.  You know, I hate those simplistic terms.  In fact, I think those labels are the cause of long term hard headedness that undermines compromise — a tool of some historical adventure in government working for the people’s interest.  History has proved that compromise is a governmental necessity because no group sees eye to eye on every issue.  And every nation requires a strong leader capable of giving direction to the affairs of State.

WASHINGTON by Ron Chernow had to exist in the Revolution at the whims of the Congress which did their best to conduct financial needs of the revolt but also it came to be seen necessary to give the Commander-in-chief national power to wage a successful campaign as he envisioned it.  Even in those times, the leader was often opposed by dissidents favoring states’ rights as well as supporters in planning operations which often had differing consequences.  He came to understand the need for a strong central government.

But a leader has to be able to communicate and respect those having different political affiliations. This revelation Washington truly understood. And those political groups must be prepared to work together or things become messy which is a by-product of stubbornness and inability for government to function with wisdom.  With Obama, I see a man who possesses enormous talents but also weaknesses, of which he will forever deny, and this is where deceit and lying cover-ups cause disunity today with those politicking within the body politic.

Elections are a long way off, especially for the Presidency.  We do not know what evils lurk or what blessings are to behold in the months ahead.  But Congress is given the power of investigation into study and resolving problems and bringing about remedies and the political parties should respect that role given Congressional oversight that includes the President and White House staff.  It is not the responsibility of individuals or even party hacks to call for resignations that defame those in the halls of government.  In most cases, such attempts are driven by political power. Personally, I despise such behavior before allegations are backed up by sound reasoning and factual evidence.  This should always be the purpose and goal of our laws–timely justice.


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  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    History is a set of lies agreed upon.

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