Kindred’s Special: The Way I See It at the Mailbox

I get bags of mail; my fault I guess as I am one who “feels” the need to help so my charity giving has put my name and address out for distribution.  My very being has been to be patient and of service whereby I find my financial donations being the honey that draws hundreds of mailings of every stripe.  Since Obama has been president (six-years now) I have noticed my mailbox, telephone and email box jammed full.

What bothers me about this is when I give out donations, I find a steady barrage of envelopes filled with all sorts of gimmicks begging for more donations. Like, for example, “Thank you for your wonderful donation but the need is so great that if you can find it in your heart to give a further donation of equal or greater amount….”  You get the idea.  It has gotten to the point that I get 2-3-4-5 requests from the same charities in the mailbox.  Then, I get these packages of gifts some so bulky that they damage my mailbox.

Political mail is a big con.  That is what I find to be the newest gimmick.  “I had to get your attention (despite advice not to), please find enclosed a dollar bill. Please return it along with a most generous contribution of $35 > $1000.”  Apparently it works for these folks because the scheme has expanded to include a number of non profits.  I wonder how many of these dollars go into the trash.

I was thinking about this problem.  When I was a lad, our mailbox might contain a letter from my brother in the military (no phone).  The mailman might leave a bill or two, perhaps a magazine.  He would often stop and chat for a minute or so, neighbors were friendly because they would often meet at the mailbox.  Modern mail delivery has brought many changes to our daily lives and I am not so sure for the better.  The Post Office has urged the expanse of junk mail to increase income but it has also raised expense.  The financial pressure on the post office is how to raise the quality of service by adding new products.


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