Kindred’s Special: Stupid Is as Stupid Does–FOLLOW THE MONEY

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!  Years ago the radio talk show host Dr. Michael Savage spoke of the evils of POT.  Yep!  Now some study group has come out as though they just discovered through a new research study to enrich the good doctors who conduct such research about its dangers to the brain. I hear it damages a couple of areas of the brain–not just one.  Most important of course is the thought that all these little darlings who have used it just as our illustrious President OBAMA did in his youth (Remember: “I used it and it didn’t hurt me.”  quote from our leader of the 21st century).  What crap! Maybe that is why we got the mess we got in our good old USA today and probably for years to come.

Stupid Is as Stupid Does. I felt for Gump, believe me.  He loved his Jenny–no matter what. And his mama said: “Life is like a box of chocolates…. Guess that is what we got, don’t we.  A big box of chocolates! brain-dead chaps running this country. Sad. Real sad.  Reminds me of abortion and all the lost potential leaders God created before birth who were swept in the garbage.  Makes me want to puke: Where Oh Where Have Our Leaders Gone?  It has become an insane world we live in, at least to those visiting us from another planet, another time.

The pink babies as Dr. Savage once referred to the current crop of socialist professors and teachers, and researchers, many who emerged from the dens of pot smoking liberals that the big M made for smarts was just one big lie among the establishment crowd politicos.  POT DOES HARM ACCEPT PERHAPS IN CASES OF TREATING RELIEF FROM SOME CANCERS.  One can say it is safe.  But so the FDA says pharmaceutical drug companies research new drugs to save people from death.  Just read the warning labels and large number removed from the marketplace because they are worse than the disease or where substitutes are available which are harmful but not posed as a death warrant.  What man touches, man destroys.  Not total fact of course but the evilness of it all comes down to the often spoken comment: FOLLOW THE MONEY. It certainly is true in politics.

The events in Nevada reminds me of the Waco slaughter of men, women and children when the tanks rolled in and the compound was burned to the ground. That was your Democrat President and first lady who wanted the standoff cleaned up fast.  Thank you, President and Mrs. Clinton.  Now we have Hillary running for President–the smartest Lady (Lady??) in America.  People on drugs have short memories or no memories at all.  And with the corruption in government today with the communist mayor in NYC and the IRS scandal and State Department scandal which continues to smolder makes a mockery of our justice and moral value systems.  No shovel, no spade can cover the deep hole with dirt to hide all this SHAME.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord thy God. Evil cannot be washed away or swept under the rug nor can lies and deceit hide for long the works of the nuts that have fallen from the Tree of Life.


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