Kindred’s Special: Using the Hammer and Knife to ice the news media bias once again.

Why am I ever being enticed into bashing the Democrat Party?  It comes easy by reads in news print and via the so-called elite of the media that often turns my stomach and I find it hard not to puke up my meal.  Why are politician liberals so vindictive–hate anyone who disagrees with them –but mostly finds reason behind Alinsky’s pet revolutionary prop of disinformation of a name that is commonly hailed with smiles from the old codgers as being members of the elite social fabric called THE PROGRESSIVE MOVMENT.  Did you ever notice the faces of politicos whenever they mention their favorite name recognition of being a proud PROGRESSIVE?  It is just a term of cover-up devised by social communists to hide a hideous agenda of the socialist establishment. It was largely fostered through the liberal universities like Yale and Harvard and professors who encouraged young people to enter the law.

Think I’m crazy do you?  Well, when I called in 2007 Obama being nothing more than a Pied Piper leading the young and the ignorant astray which included of course many looking for an idealist par excellent which they found from the writings of the journalists who long sought a savior from the war monger rancher and movie actor by the name of Ronald Reagan. They never could get over the way President Reagan helped spur the downfall of the Evil Empire.  Oh yeah, guess they hated him for using that term to address their beloved Soviet cronies.  And how do they look at the Pope and other religious leaders who denounced the philosophies espoused by hard-core radicals?

I was right on about Ms. Lerner which just last night was made public by e-mails voicing her bitterness toward the conservative movement in American politics with one of her cohorts that was sitting on the panel.  She felt confident obviously that her crony could cover her ass. I have no interest in examining it other than to say those Democrats are scoundrels through and through. And God Bless America for having Republicans and Conservatives who still seek justice amid the vile enemies within the news media who have tried to whitewash the whole affair as simply old news with the backing of Democrat politicians.

There is enough scandal to go around memory lane.  And many fine Democrats and Republicans from the 40s-70s serving in the Houses of Congress that I shall not name only because I may overlook some of those I had admired as decent and hard working leaders who cherished our Land and opportunity to serve their Nation.  When I look at the corruptible crop of so-called leaders (some in both parties) or hired to administer government programs with less than honorable intentions, it turns me off.

I guess some of my readers will think me loony but I always enjoyed good cartoons and hidden lessons of goodness that lay hidden within them.  And I supposed, too, there are those who may despise me for having a loud clear voice of saying it just the way a lot of folks I know think.  Too bad.  I say it as I see it on the walk down life’s path.  The Good.  The Bad.  The Ugly.  I just wish it was more uplifting in spirit because I fear I lack the genius for words.  I speak from the heart not from a well crafted outline to final product.  I never was any good at that.  I give credit to our Lord who inspires me to write and so folks, you got to take what comes.





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