Kindred’s Special: Gambling in the Petroff/Russian Defense Leads to Burn

The modern master sometimes attempts to build up pressure play by avoiding castling which is a neutralizing play that safeguards the King.  This example from Poikovsky 2009 shows Emil Sutovsky (White) giving a lesson to Ernesto Inarkiev why early King castling provides a safety net and cannot be lightly ignored.

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nf6  3. N:e5  d6  4. Nf3  N:e4  5. d4  d5  6. Bd3  Nc6  7.  O-O  Be7  8. Re1  Bg4  9. c4  Nf6  10. Nc3  N:d4  11. c:d4  B:f3  12. g:f3

Akopian -Gelfeld went 12. Qa4 check c6 13. Q:d4  B:d5  14. N:d5  Q:d5  15. Qb4  O-O 16. B:h7 check  K:h7  17. R:e7

12. …c5  13. d6!

Sharper than 13. d:c6  N:c6 14. Bb5  O-O  which is tame.

13. … Q:d6 14.  Nb5  Qd7  15. N:d4  c:d4  16. Qe2  Kf8

Suggested as better and giving White a micro-edge is 16…Qe6.

17. Bb5  Qd8

Black refuses to give up his material gain of a pawn.  Greed can be poison to a spirit. Again, 17…Qe6 was better.

18. Qd3 ( > Qb3 threat increases square count as the Rook is now loosed on the e-file.)  h5  19. Bg5  Qd5  20. f4!  Bd8??

Suddenly all the squares available for the Queen should it be attacked are occupied or under the White guns.  All White has to do is harass the Queen and she will have no place to hide.

21.  Re5!  Black resigns  (1-0).

Catching the Queen in the center is a rare, rare, rare occurrence!!


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