Kindred’s Special: Kindred Talks Chess Instruction

There are many chess books in a variety of languages that pertain to teaching chess.  They convey to readers the accepted lingo that fills all of them:  DIAGRAMS ARE PRESENTED WHICH ARE TWO OR THREE MOVERS THAT EITHER RESULT IN CHECKMATE OR WIN OF MATERIAL FOR ADVANTAGE.  This has carried over into computer chess where the enthusiast is charmed by like fashion.  The whole concept is aimed at entertainment.  Nothing wrong with that.  But is it a valid way to spur the juices of learning or merely present a roadblock of instantaneous success of a moment in time?  It has value in honing tactical skill and recognition of position types where such attacking formations are present or can by jump moves achieve them.  This is dual as both players eyeing plans must learn to recognize position types that might arise during a battle.

Chess is a non-forgiving struggle where it represents a victory, loss or draw.  Simple as this remark is I have tried through use of my suggestions to plan from move one, short range plans arising from pawn structures and jump moves aiming at spatial imbalance of which my theory of square count I’ve recounted many times has been beneficial both in strategy and tactics toward aggressive or defensive motifs.  It has been my munificent contribution toward hopefully adding enjoyment in the lives of my readers.

My approach varies from instruction that advocates a rigid examination of position types with questions that the novice has limited wisdom until further along in study, training and practice.  Many things factor into chess skill and for the novice as well as the advanced student I have laid down my thoughts on the general conduct of chess play.  My annotations and comments about the games examined are aimed at education, of seeking from you a sense of general understanding of the strategy and tactics effecting both attack and defense for the amateur.

The opening affects the middle game strategy and so does visualizing the endgame pawn structure during middle game play.  Perhaps the one word that describes the whole is the creation of imbalanced positions where strategy and tactics mount the many terrors on the board.  Because this whole gives the amateur novice and higher class player differing degrees that cause the scratching of heads to say: What is this guy talking about?

With these thoughts set aside, it is important to get chess literature that covers instruction in endgame, middle game position play and opening strategies.  I have given you many examples of various openings that give you an overview of chess play and types of positions that result.  It should give you enjoyment to play with friends and family.

Lets tune in to Havana, Cuba for a combo of chess delights.

1. e4  c5  2. Nf3  e6  3. d4  c:d4  4. N:d4  Nc6  5. Nc3  Qc7  6. Be3  a6  7. Qd2  Nf6  8. O-O-O  Be7  9. f3  h5

Castling O-O may have worried Black seeing a potential K-wing pawn roll up. The idea is to half-open the h-file.  The g5 square is now ceded to White.

10. Bg5  d6  11. h4  Bd7  12. f4  b5

White has a big edge in square count and dominates the large rectangular structure along the 5th rank to the lst.  White senses he has the strong attack with only the Bishop to be developed.  He does so by sacrificing it and eliminating the Q-side pawn structure while gaining time on the field of battle due to the King still sitting at home.  Note the battle ram on the d-file. Still, the move presents the problem question that all sacrifices face.  Is it sound?  Lets see how things develop.

13. B:b5!  a:b5  14. N/d:b5  Qb8  15. N:d6+ B:d6  16. Q:d6  Q:d6  17. R:d6 Na7  18. a4 Nc8  19. Rd4  Ng4  20. Rhd1  Ra7

Black’s only other move is 20…Nb6!?  Have fun determining Black’s defensive resources.

21. Nb5 Rb7  22. R:d7!  and wins.  22….R:d7  23. Nc7 check R:c7  24. Rd8 mate; 23. …. Kf8 24. R:d7 with the 3-pawn Q-side superior pawn structure will win for White.  White’s bravery paid off.  With the time clock running, it is often the case that the attack prevails over defense.

Well, time to put the men in the box.  Adios for now.








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