Kindred’s Special: Self-Sabotage of American Ingenuity

Personally I do not like trend setters.  They abhor my soul.  But I pulled a book long ago read and recall LOSING THE RACE by John H. McWhorter, once read, felt some hope for the future of race relations, for strong family ties, and a bonding of our culturally mixed race nation. Another book coming later that I fully enjoyed was COME ON PEOPLE by Cosby and  Alvin F.  Poussaint, M.D.  There may be other books but these are the ones I consumed with my usual spirit.

I guess I blame poor governance up and down the line having been the cause of problems from the birth of our Nation to present times and probably will be experienced in different ways as social tinkers come, fade, and leave a propaganda trail down the road of today’s body of fools on both sides of a winding track.  Those who shout the loudest are social communists who emerged out of the 30s and 40s and gave birth to a whole body of red babies who, with their leftwing agendas spirited by the friendly term PROGRESSIVE, continue to stir the pot of disenchantment for capitalism which brought prosperity for the masses unlike the failed former USSR.  There are squeaks now that say the US needs a new direction, a new political force to emerge and bury capitalism.  That certainly was the intent of Barack H. Obama with full backing of the socialized media and leftwing Hollywood crowd.

What is the agenda?  It is to make good appear evil or out of favor in social menus.  It drives to cut debate.  It thrives on deception, outright lies and propaganda twists where the big con is to say it enough to make it seem believable and thus a truism.  It exists in a false world where so called elite fracture on purpose all reference of biblical teachings in legal and national entities.  It dictates the medical field.  It approves of drug legalization giving erroneous assumptions of consequences and proved out time and again by government mismanaged schemes to raise money.  Keep the masses ignorant and dissatisfied and you control them.  It is not the American way unless we let it consume us.


9 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: Self-Sabotage of American Ingenuity”

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    Kindred’s Special: Self-Sabotage of American Ingenuity | Kindred\’s Kaleidoscope

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    According to Dr. Michael Savage on the Savage Nation, 6/11/15 the ugly head of the Communist assault on the United States is fast forward. It is seen in universities, unions, left-wing news outlets and what is America’s response–asleep at the wheel.

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