Kindred’s Special: Canada Attracts European Chess Stars

In 1959 newly arrived IM  Zvonko Vranesic from Yugoslavia played a 5-game match with Frank Anderson losing 3-2.  Anderson won the first and second games and with great effort the Yugoslav nailed down with brilliant play games three and four to pull even.  The fifth game followed the next game of the match.

White:   Frank Anderson   vs.   Black:   Zvonko  Vranesic

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Opening:   Sicilian Defense

Chess Match–4th Game

1. e4  c5  2.  Nf3   a6   3.  c4   e6   4.  d4   c:d4    5.   N:d4   Nf6   6.  Nc3   Qc7   7.  a3   Nc6   8.  Be3   Ne5   9.  f3   Be7  10.  Rc1   O-O   11.  Be2   Ng6  12.  g3   b6  13. O-O   Bb7   14.  Qe1   Rac8   15.  Qf2   Ne5  16.  Na4

This Knight journey to the a-file fits a plan to prepare an assault on the Queenside.  But the tempo is slow for carrying it out.

16. … Bd6   17.  b4

Anderson methodically prepares to launch an invasion on the Queenside but appears to miss the tactics that Black has prepared on the center and kingside.  Such battle preparations and planning in real warfare is deadly whereas on the field of battle covering the 64 squares, the result can either strengthen a player’s resolve and show while a battle can be lost, the war is yet to be decided.  Black strikes first and this makes all the difference.

17. ….  Neg4!!  18.  f:g4  N:e4

Completely ripping open the center and where oh where is my Knight to aid central protection?  It sits on the wing.  How often do players ask similar questions and conclude a wet noodle answer?

19.  Qe1  N:g3   20.  h:g3   B:g3   21.  Rf2  f5!

Black is playing Tal-like.  Energy has to build and pawns play a role with the human relying on an intuitive feel coming from that energy.

22.  g5   f4  23.  Bd2  f3

Who ever said, “The lust of a passed pawn to expand!”

24.  Bd3  Bh4   25.  Qe3  Qg3+  26.  Kf1  Rf4  27.  N:b6  Qh3+   28.  Ke1  Re4

Another point of my square count: the f1-square must be guarded.

29.  Q:e4   B:e4  30. Bf1  B:f2+  31. K:f2  Qh4+  32. Ke3  Rf8  33.  Rd1  e5   34.  Bc3  e:d4+  35.  B:d4  Bc2  36. Rc1  Qf4+  37. Kf2  Q:d4+ (0-1).

Just imagine the physical and mental state of match players arriving for the final game.  One who won in brilliant fashion and the loser who had to suffer the bitter taste of defeat.

White:   Zvonko Vranesic   vs.  Black:  Frank Anderson

Opening:   English Opening

Toronto, Ontario,  Canada

1959 Match Game 5

1. c4  Nf6  2.  Nc3   e6   3.  e4   c5   4.  f4  Nc6  5.  Nf3  d5  6.  e5  d4  7.  Nb5  Nd7  8.  Bd3  a6  9.  Na3  Be7  10.  Be4  Qc7  11. O-O  f5  12. e:f6  N:f6  13.  B:c6+ Q:c6  14. Ne5  Qc7  15. Qa4+  Nd7  16. d3  O-O  17. Nf3  Rb8  18. Qd1  Bd6  19. Qe2  e5  20. b4  b6  21. Rb1  e:f4   22. b:c5  N:c5  23.  N:d4  Bb7  24. Bb2  Rbe8  25. Qg4  N:d3  26. Ne6  Qd7  27. Rbd1  R:e6  28. R:d3  Qe7  29. Rd5  f3!  30. B:g7

If White grabs the pawn 30. R:f3?  Re1+  31. Kf2  Qe2 Mate.

30. … Rg6  31.  Qd4  R:g2+  32. Kh1  R:h2+  33. Kg1  f2+ White Resigns  (0-1).






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