Kindred’s Special: A Rare Look at Antonio Ferreira’s Sicilian Specialty

There are so many opening variations in the Sicilian that it is hard for me to imagine spotting a whole new concept as a White weapon. Yet, Kevin Spraggett does so in the Metz Open 2005 against Didier  Collas.  His brother-in-law, Antonio Ferreira’s enthusiasm for this idea over many years compelled the Grandmaster to add it to his repertoire and publish his findings in his chess  column.

White:   Kevin Spraggett   vs.  Black:   Didier Collas

Metz Open  2005

Opening:   Sicilian Defense (Portuguese Variation)

1.  e4   c5   2.  Nf3   d6  3.  d4   c:d4   4.  N:d4   Nf6   5.  Nc3   a6   6.  Bg5   e6   7.  Qe2  This is the move that was deeply explored in Spraggett’s  Chess Corner column for August 2005. I am just giving the key game.

7. ….  Be7  8.  f4 !  h6  9.  Bh4  N:e4   10.  B:e7   N:c3   11.  Qc4 !    K:e7   12.  Q:c3

A question of taste but Kevin has played this position many times with excellent results.   White gives up a pawn for development and the King will be pressed to find a safe haven.

12. … Re8   13.  O-O-O

Even though  this is good, perhaps 13. Qa3   Qb6  14. O-O-O  Qc5  15. Qf3  Kf8  16. g4 is worth study.

13. … Kf8  14.  Bc4    d5  15.  Bb3   Nd7   16. Rhe1   Nf6  17. Kb1  Kg8.

The Kings maneuver for safety.  White must attack.

18.  g4 !  N:g4   19.  Rg1  e5  20. f:e5   R:e5   21. Qg3  Re3  22. Qg2   Re4  23. Ne2 !  Qg5 24. Nc3  Ne3  25. Q:g5  h:g5  26. N:e4  N:d1  27.  N:g5.

Missed here is the sharp 27.  R:d1 !  d:e4   28.  Rd8+ Kh7  29. B:f7    e3   30.  Kc1  and it is all over.

27. … Ne3  28. Re1  d4  29.  N:f7

And White has an endgame advantage and won resignation from his opponent after move 64.


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