Kindred’s Special: 4th Ultimate Insanity Open

THIS CRAZY TOURNAMENT THAT EDWARD FRUMKIN INITIATED IN THE SUMMER OF 1980 was a wild and wooly 12- round event over a weekend!  I guess you have to be some kind of ‘chess-nut’ to enter such a grueling event.  The rules were that you had to play morning, afternoon and through the night time with a limited amount of time for breaks and rest.

One may ask intelligently enough why in heck I would take the following game for presenting to you because it is not a good game.  But I hope you will come to agree that even a badly played game by a novice from this event will prove worthwhile and a learning experience. You see, I do not go just with great battles fought but try to present examples where a lesson can be extracted to illustrate how to and how not to play chess.

White:  Don Reithel       vs.     Black:  D.K. anon   Opening:  Sicilian Defense

1.  P-K4  P-QB4 /  2.  N-KB3   N-QB3  /  3.  P-Q4   P x P  /  4.  P-B3   P x P  /  5.  N x P   P-K4  /  6.  B-QB4  P-B3 ?

This move is meant to defend the square and pawn that occupies the center complex and blocks the white pawn from advancing.  The purpose is to stop expansion in that sector and defend the pawn.  Yet, the move is weak as we shall see.

7.  O-O   B-B4??

On the surface this move seems to fit into my square count theory but is a very bad choice.

8.  B x N   R x B

Now, to this young man, he has captured a piece aimed at his own King-side and probably learned that bishops are better than knights in the exchange of things.   But lo and behold, he now sees the logic of white provoking the exchange.

9.  Q-Q5!

This is a classic example of two pieces attacked simultaneously where either one or the other will be lost.  The question of course is what should be the best of a bad situation? Remember I said that making the best of a bad situation may offer at some point in the game a chance to recoup.  So what should Black do now?  He chooses again the worst.  Why?  Because he reasons that since he is going to lose something, he may as well make the best of a bad situation.

9….B x P check    / 10.  R x B   R-B1

So, Black decides to give up the bishop and at least grab a pawn in the bargain.  Not so bright.  Why?  The exchange now has given White another half open file! with better square count and a centralized Queen.  Had he played instead, say….9…R-B1  10.  Q x B, then his chances to develop a better defensive position would be possible and he could conceivably find with a few weak turns by White to give a fair account of himself.

11.  B-K3   P-QR3  /  12.  B-B5   R-B2  /  13.  R-Q1

In his eagerness to build up square count, he omits a tactical shot by 13. N-KN5 but follows the rule that one should develop all pieces to fit into an attack where practical.  He sees no hurry although now Black could have prevented what comes next.

13. …. P-QN3

He has the right idea of trying to develop his Queenside but lacks sufficient coverage of all his weak squares.  13. … P-R3 to defend this inroad KN5 square probably will prove insufficient.

14.  N-KN5  Resigns.

This is meant for the novice to show that developing moves and defensive pawn play must be developed by practice and study.  Even where serious miscues are made in a game, diligent thought and critical analysis of a given situation often offers some remedy if acted upon quickly enough.

This game illustrates the exposure of two pieces, even though far apart on the board, can be skewered, leading to a loss of material.


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