Kindred’s Special: The Holiness of Feasts

A three-in-one festival written for the Jews for Jesus newsletter by David Brickner relates the common bond that November 28th will be both the  celebration of our Thanksgiving as well as being the first day and night of Hanukkah.  These two holidays coincided only once before 125 years ago and will not appear together for many generations into the future.  He believes these two festival celebrations spring from that of a third called Sukkot (sueCoat), the Feast of Tabernacles, the last and greatest of the seven biblical feasts commanded in Leviticus 23–a time for rejoicing and giving thanks for the autumn harvest season.

My readers know my interest in historical backgrounds which often invade the field of chess.  I do not know if our celebration of Thanksgiving that originated with the religious colonists to remember the Lord and give thanks for survival in the New World a lot to do with the Bible’s history of feasts but certainly it is an additional event that people share thanks for family, love, respect and honoring the blessing bestowed on us all by our Father in heaven.

Feasts have become common to celebrate at such times as marriages and births of children in local settings–those events that effect the life adventure of FAMILY, CHURCH and NATION.

What I know for certain what our Thanksgiving feast which we celebrate annually on the last Thursday of November is for two blessings. The result of which is not only the filling of our tummies but more importantly the spiritual blessings the Father has provided his flock.  If you think of a nut for example, the shell and meat of the inner kernel–that which distinguishes physical being with that of the soul.

The festive spirit dwelling within us finds a host of celebrations.  The chance for exhibiting talent for diverse table settings around which families gather, many alike and others having talents to display for unique specialties and decorations. It is also a time to remember those less fortunate and often absent from families.  It is a time to reflect; it is time to give thanks for our blessings.


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  42. Kindred Says:

    Norine Maulsby

    A three-in-one festival written for the Jews for Jesus newsletter by David Brickner relates the common bond that November 28th will be both the  celebration of our Thanksgiving as well as being the first day and night of Hanukkah.  These two holiday…

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