Kindred’s Special Report: YAF–Islam is not a religion of peace!!

I got that from the horse’s mouth!  Well, it is from Nonie Darwish who wishes to warn my readers and myself of how the American government for the sake of political correctness continues to violate the statutes of the Constitution “to protect the people from radical nuts” if you want to update to an ultramodern definition.

She says she lives from personal experience.

She turned to the delight of Christianity and became a proud American having lived as a youth in the grips of being classed as a radical Muslim.  “My Islamic teachers taught me to hate America, that it was her holy duty to kill others in the name of Jihad. And now, what I see happening in America scares me to my very core.”

The so-called American Left opens its arms to embrace this hate-filled religious Muslim offshoot, proudly honoring such a decision as being politically correct. And the generosity of the media in all its liberal glory hail it so.  Liberals pander to the powerful and wealthy Muslim organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Student Association (MSA).

Young people world-wide and sadly also found in America are trained by Islamists to hate, kill, and show disgust for Christian values. The evidence is in the pudding which many want to deny of killings and destroying Christian believers.  (See my earlier column on this.)

She writes in YAF that as a child in Egypt, she was taught to hate Israel, hate the West, and especially hate America.  That literally means to hate the folks we love and our families.

When she was eight years-old President Nasser came to her home and sat each brother, sister and her on his lap.  Her father, a military officer had been killed and asked if they were willing to murder Jews for revenge.

Thankfully, her mother sent her to Catholic high school where she learned that life was not about hating. She went on to study at the American University in Cairo, and for the first time, she truly saw what was going on around her.

The radical Muslim government controlled the people with their lies, the media covered up their lies, the government kept the people poor and dependent, and the bold-thirst for Jihad gave radicals cause to perpetrate every atrocity imaginable.

These Muslim extremists have gained a foothold in America.  States like New Hampshire have combat training for their young rebels. They do not seek becoming a part of the American culture or melting pot as did many immigrants.  No, these nuts want an America where political correctness affords them protection to advance their oppressive ideology.

Just look at the events of the near past here in America:

  • Fort Hood massacre where the shooter screamed out ALLAHU AKBAR!  ALLAH IS GREAT;
  • Boston Marathon bombers who ruined one of American joys and lives of many innocents;
  • Two Minnesota University students (Abdisalam Ali and Mohamoud Hassan) traveled to Somalia to fight and die due to their twisted sense of brainpower, adding just two more kooks to the furnace of the Devil worshippers.

We live in a Republic where our values differ greatly.  It behooves the American citizen and those who wish to study from other lands in our universities to develop strong character and a desire for truth, respect and honor as our students mature into adulthood.

People actions dealing with a wide ranging and a huge number of groups require astute analysis of those worth becoming a part of. Life can be good and wholesome or it can be a path to a deadening of character and shortchanging life prospects for fullness.




61 Responses to “Kindred’s Special Report: YAF–Islam is not a religion of peace!!”

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    • kindredspiritks Says:

      Normally my articles are original with me. This happened to be from YAF that gives one view of Islam. I put it on my web because the author had personal life within the Muslim community and her personal experience which finds rare coverage seems to shed light on that part of a young person’s life.=Don .

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