Kindred’s Special: Endgame

Books have dealt with endgame chess positions in three categories: tournament, match, and chess problems.  In fact, whole books have been devoted to chess puzzles in endgame play as well to aid players with a sense for achieving positive results, whether it be winning, drawing, or a  fighting effort in losing positions.  But this term endgame is sometimes applied to the strategies seen in politics.  For the political endgame is as mysterious to the average reader of literature, both as regards the game of chess as well as the purpose of the political BEAST in accomplishing a planned execution of both mental and physical proportion by the term “RESULT” which can translate to the terms, CHECKMATE, DRAW, LOSS.

The boring nature of politics certainly is charged when such terminology is applied to the political scene and recent commentary on TV I notice has seen commentators and analysts murder the context of chess terms to the political discussion on more than a few occasions.  One term I wish to apply here by example is ENDGAME.

Just what is the ENDGAME dynamic?  For this discussion I apply the logic that those engaged in political maneuvering do so with the sole purpose of confusing and or misleading the audience and painting a picture that is subject to interpretation. It can be a media strategy.  Case in  point is when the media elite liberals hit every news outlet with the same silly phrases that expose them for the sham artists they are on behalf of the elite liberal mindset.  For me, a conservative, it is a laughable joke if it were not so potent a powerful tool in their hands.  Why?  Because the American people are used to instant gratifications and snippets with little patience for using their brains.  A perfect example is FOX NEWS where the reporter interviews the street and the stupidities of 90 per cent of answers tell the story of little interest or knowledge in being able to intelligently discuss the issues or know who the vice president or even the president is.  The ten percent who possess a full grasp of the issues of the day are always conservative republicans or independents in most cases.  Shame on the liberal establishment and voter apathy.

As analysts it is necessary to see the dynamic of the endgame because in its cloak of mystery is found the essence of political discord and the underlying as well as hidden agenda of the elite who champion the cause of all citizens in their own minds as to how Americans should live, survive and die in a lifetime of turmoil that seems to ever increase as Americans today have more and more of their individual freedoms stripped in the name of Uncle Sam knows best.


One Response to “Kindred’s Special: Endgame”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    Life is made up of endgames–the underlying and especially in a political sense when such maneuvers transpire to a concluding thought. The endgame concludes a rational look at the finality and meaning of the game within life or on the board./Don.

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