Kindred’s Special: Get Out and Celebrate Colorful Fun On Halloween

This ancient holiday celebration goes back centuries to pagan times.  It is celebrated by people and in many countries.  There is a reason for this.  Simply put: IT IS A FUN TIME to experience the joy of decorating, of pumpkins, colorful costumes, and letting the mind dream up so many splendid art expressions for all ages to delight in.

How and why it originated is lost in archives of time;  what circumstances each generation since found pleasure and such mischief myths remains speculative.  Some reference points to the British Isles where the Celts dominated the countryside. Maybe it was originated merely to celebrate the harvest and appease the laborer needs to clean up the landscape and stock up goods for the winter.  Superstition may have played a role.  When the Romans set up bases, they likewise adopted their own ideas into Halloween. The Roman Catholic Church, in an attempt to do away with pagan holidays Saturnalia (Christmas eve) and Halloween known as Samhai which celebrated the harvest and honored the dead, established November first as All Saint’s Day to honor all saints who do not have their own holy day. The Church’s attempt to distract attention from pagan beliefs failed and the celebrations on the eve of All Saint’s Day continued to grow.

The 1840s saw a great surge into the United States from the British Isles of Irish where the Halloween spirit gelled and took root.  Generations have settled the issue for America as we celebrate and have infused in it our own spirit of joy and beliefs for it to be so honored.

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