Kindredspirit’s Special: What Makes Me a Conservative

Like many young people, I grew up admiring Dwight D. Eisenhower;  I admired Winston Churchill and all the Presidents I studied in school.  While I was always a believer in human progress and supporter of women’s rights and abhorred how school age girls were somehow different from boys, the system of education definitely led children in two different directions.  It was the thought from earliest times that men were the breadwinners while the women were homemakers.  Higher education for women were nursing and school teaching vocations. That was the social norm and nothing was wrong with that.  Of course, history drew the picture of advancement of women led by women who decided to seek equal rights.  This was made possible by the world wars that necessitated the influx of women into the labor force like never before and in male dominated occupations. Social correctness continued the social scheme that women belonged in the home to rear children in their respective faiths and worry about their ills and mishaps, giving discipline duties to the husband as needed.

My life was rich in history because I experienced World War II, the Korean (police action –HA!HA!) War }WAR is War!{, Vietnam and all the miscellaneous territorial conflicts.  But mostly, it was as I stated above, a time to discover those truths that built the real character of America. The wealth that came from the pages of historical writings, of writers who enriched our social values. Of great men and women!!

What went wrong?  It was, in my opinion, the explosion of technology that brought to the public an ever-increasing zeal of a dominating news media that went from fact-finding and reporting to one of privilege.  By that I mean the rush to be first at any cost and to adopt definite political support was ever-present throughout our history of newsprint but now it has become corrupt self-serving degenerates of truth and amoral fortitude with lies, deceit, a snickering congregation of fools, and mostly, a public who is ignorant due principally to this misrepresentation of facts and fantasy the public is asked to believe.  I was taught you can tell good from evil by the nature of the beast.  Turning to government, especially one that has little public support and shown to be corrupt and downright dishonest and self-serving, is abominable.  Sticking heads in the sand should be reserved for the birds.

5 Responses to “Kindredspirit’s Special: What Makes Me a Conservative”

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