Kindred’s Special: Rochester Chess Center Chess Camp Announced





12:00-12:30PM    LUNCH –  CHESS FUN – OR VIDEO



Camp Schedule:  1-July 8-12; 2-July 15-19; 3-July 22-26; 4-July 29 – Aug 2; 5-Aug 5-9; 6-Aug 12-16; 7-Aug 19-23; 8-Aug 26-30

Fee: $50 for one day or $200 a week. Center members 30% discount.

Camp is available to students age 5 -13 years.  All skill levels from beginner to advanced are encouraged to attend.  Beginners will become proficient from their camp experience  and  those in the advanced class will benefit by skilled instruction and sharing a growing knowledge with some of the top scholastic players.

This is our 22d year of offering camps and our counselors are among the most experienced chess teachers in the country. We coordinate daily activities and instruction to expand  student chess skills.  Chess is known to teach logic, problem solving, analysis techniques, and improved study habits. Both physical and mental exercise go hand in hand for heath.

Call Shelby or Ron to register 442-2430.  Rochester Chess Center, (located near Cobbs Hill Park) 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610.

Stop in and check out our facilities. Please call ahead. Welcome! Want to join us?  Annual membership: $95. (Family is $155). Many benefits come from support. We provide chess instruction at  57 school clubs, interstate scholastic league- 48 teams, our annual picnic, snack bar, equipment for sale, club players support local, regional and national events. Staff work to bring the best opportunity for  chess in our region.

This announcement I provide for my readers. PS: I renewed my Rochester Chess Center membership.


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