Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: Vengence is Mine Sayeth the Lord

We common folk do have a voice in the local, regional, state, nation and world.  Most important is the realization that we have a stake in the way things function within our families, our government, and our collective voice to the news media that we expect they do the job mandated to it in fairness and with characteristic integrity and thoroughness.  We demand of government no interference with reporting by those over airways, newspapers and reporters sent to cover stories deemed important for an educated populace.

What if this Good Earth of our Land from ocean to ocean has gone astray from such a historical perspective of those who came before to offer up their fortunes, their lives on the battlefield against tyranny and to set up a body politic that, while not perfect, has done a pretty good job to weed out corrupt evils that for us today give lessons to alert us to such dangers that work to destroy our Nation? These shortcomings I believe through our historic development was meant for today!  It is a vital lesson to understand history so as not to repeat the failures seen in the past while building on those that enhance our values as a People.

I thought of writing a critique on the happenings of the past months with the second term of President Obama.  I decided not to rehash what events have emerged. I once said: give evildoers a free hand and eventually their true colors and purposes will expose them for what they are. The White House staff and Democrat hypocrites within its body politic have let the light of goodness and truth shine on their evil plans and thoughts, exposing it all for us to see.  Deceit and lies were voiced as political drama.  It ain’t folks!  Current events have awakened the public and those evil-doers  had the grace of Angel Lights shine on them.

Did I once call them liars?  In this I am free to conclude with:  Give liars enough rope and they will surely hang themselves.

God Bless America!


97 Responses to “Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: Vengence is Mine Sayeth the Lord”

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