Kindred’s Special: Shades of the famous 1955 Rout called The Argentinean Tragedy

Fifty years are a long time in chess, or is it?  Repeat performances on the chess board often depends upon an idea seen having a repeat in the historical sense as I have described in the past.  Here, too, is a return to an idea previously hit upon by Geller in a team match between Argentina and the Soviet Union.  Now, this is not a duplication but simply shows how an idea can be revived perhaps in a similar structure.  Such occurred between Judit Polgar and Rustam Kasimdzhanov 50-years later in 2005 at the San Luis World Championship.

White:  GM Judit Polgar   vs.  Black:  GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov     Opening:   Sicilian Defence – featuring the Perenyi Attack

1. e4  c5  2. Nf3  d6  3. d4  cxd4  4. Nxd4  Nf6  5. Nc3  a6  6. Be3  e6  7. g4!

This sharp King-wing action is the Polgar-style where her tiger claws are ready rip open positions with original and frightening speed.

7. … e5

Although not obvious, this move is geared toward a portion of central control and opens the long diagonal.

8. Nf5  g6  9. g5!  gxf5  10. exf5!

Again best because what happens on 10. gxf6?  The answer is a lack of compensation for the Pawn loss 10. … f4  11. Bd2  Be6.  See the square count emerging favorably for Black.

10. … d5  11. Qf3

This sortie at least gives the impression that she knows something about square count. Grabbing the Knight (11. gxf6 d4 12. Bc4 Qc7 13. Qd3  dxe3  14. O-O-O  exf2  15. Bxf7+ Kxf7  16. Qd5+ Kxf6  17. Ne4+ Ke7  18. f6+ Ke8  19. f7+ Ke7 20. Qd2  –Preparing to switch to the King-side.) Qb6  21. Qg5+ Kxf7  22. Rhf1  Bh6  23. Rxf2+ Ke8 24. Rd8+ Qxd8  25. Qxh6  Qe7  26. Nf6+ Kd8 27. Nd5 Qe6 28. Qg5+ Kd7 29. Qg7+ Kc6 30. Rf6 Kxd5  31. Rxe6 Kxe6 32. Qxh8. Hope you have fun hunting the King!

11. … d4  12. O-O-O  Nbd7

Not to shock you–these moves have all been played before this game.  Top tournament chess usually is based upon home preparation and analysis can be found to be sound or faulty when actually put into practice.

13. Bxd4!?

Polgar played 13. Bd2 against Anand in 1999.  She must have prepared it for this game, and her decision must have dumbed the mind of RK since he may have not suspected any other choice but Bd2. A danger exists always with too much home preparation as such a move can prove shocking to the nerves!

13. … exd4  14. Rxd4

The critical position reached probably of every game ever played finds a stark contrast of emotions for the players.  Goodness sakes!  Black is two pieces up but look at the square count– 14/4!

14. … Bg7

As played after the Bd2 retreat reasoning that it should be good.  Black can strive for square count by 14.  … Bc5, with the jump move idea of Qc7 which increases square count and I think gives Black a reasonable alternative to what is played. Black hopes to shift the King to f8 to hopefully find some safety may have been his main thought.

15. Rg1  Kf8  16. Qe3  Qe7

Hoping White might exchange.  No way!

17. Qd2! h6  18. gxf6  Nxf6  19. Rd8+!  Ne8

The stage is set for the perfect theme of the whole game.  White uncorks the brilliant show experienced in far away 1955–a 50-year twist that leaves Black shell shocked.

20. Bb5!!

If you consider square count, this is the most logical attacking move.  Remember I said one should consider all moves in an attack or defensive plan.

20. … axb5  21. Re1  b4

A desperado hope that sometimes, just sometimes, brings the glimmer of salvation.  Even then, it must follow a righteous path to glory.

22. Nb5???

A horror of horrors.  White wins after 22. Rxe8+! Now, Black gets an edge after 22. … Be5! as 23. f4 is met by Rxa2.

22. … Bxb2+???

As often happens, when a major mistake is made, the reply is often equally a major mistake. Tit for tat as the saying goes. White gets a second chance and doesn’t leave egg on her face this time around. Perhaps both were in a time scramble.

23. Kxb2  Qf6+ 24. Qd4

Centralizing the Queen.

24. … Kg7  25. Rexe8  Rxe8  26. Rxe8  Qxd4+ 27. Nxd4  Kf6  28. f4  b6  29. Rd8 Bb7  30. Rxa8  Bxa8  31. Kb3  Bd5+ 32. Kxb4  Bxa2  33. Kb5  Bb1  34. c3  Ke7  35. Kxb6  Kd6  36. c4  Bd3  37. c5+ Kd5  38. Nc6  Ke4  39. Ne7  c2  40. c6  a4  41. c7  Bd7  42. Kc5  Resigns (1-0).


White executes the King’s Pawn to it’s Fourth,

And Black essays a wish to rock!

The field of battle is so arranged,

The troops oppose in valor and for glory!

The fight is a struggle of ideas,

The battle rages far and wide!

Square Count weighs spatial tactics

Imbalance dictates the fight–

For Tense is the battle.

The long road governs Peace and Harmony!

We love and we live to march in step.

Come!!  Follow Me.


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