Kindred’s Special: Acquiring Knowledge in Chess Historical Periods

The development of computer chess programs is the ultimate attraction for children.  There is no doubt that quality coaching enhances the development of young minds toward the joy of experiencing the fruits of adventure taking place on the board; with the modern training techniques it has more than once seen a child who almost must stand on the seat to reach the sphere of the whole board.  Through my lesson articles and ‘pep talks’ encouraging my readers to partake in our adventure together of discovering the wonders that have attracted people from every land is no easy task.  While I place importance on the benefits of chess, others often disagree seeing little or no relationship with life experience.  Such players were taught the moves, the fundamental relationship of opening, middlegame and endgame only as it applies to strategy and tactics.  They associate nothing other than hours of study toward a goal of mastership.

A multitude of chess literature from magazine articles to chess classics exist that have now expanded into the realm of the computer age.  Former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik perhaps sums it up best, “If you want to reach the heights of interest, you should study the entire history of chess. I cannot give a clear logical explanation for it, but I think it is absolutely essential to soak up the whole of chess history.”

The study of chess Legends from the time of Howard Staunton, all the official World Champions, is a sure method of establishing your own style of play. And being in the class of Art, it is measurable by viewing that playwrights are familiar with Shakespeare, classical musicians with Mozart.  Newton famously remarked that if he had seen further, it was because he stood on the shoulders of giants of science who came before and their own efforts for discovery.  The modern world has exacted what took many hours and even years to absorb can now be found in an accelerating universe of ideas.

To sum up: The main value of chess history and historic treatment of chess play present examples of, ‘How not to play chess by offering up sufficient examples of answering the critics for CHESS MARCHES ON!!’  It points to the truism, “Those who forget or just plain ignorant of history, are condemned to repeat and relive it.

Books to study:  Richard Reti’s MASTERS OF THE CHESSBOARD; Aron  Nimzowitch’s CHESS PRAXIS; QUEEN OF THE KINGS GAMES featuring Susan Polgar; David Bronstein’s THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE; Landsberger’s WILLIAM STEINITZ – CHESS CHAMPION.

To answer a list of questions that appear in issues at the end of NIC, I present my own views.

Favorite Color…Off-white and Blue.  Favorite dishes… Manhattan clam chowder, Corn chowder, Beef tips over rice with gravy sauce; Chicken or Turkey dinners and Chicken noodle soup, Fresh veggies. Drink..Large glass of water, Almond milk. Books or TV classics…Rumple of the Bailey, Humphrey Bogart and wife Lauren Bacall, Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn roles The Good Earth,  Grapes of Wrath. Twain stories.  Music….Light jazz, classical, Christmas, Love songs, western. Appreciation of others….Honesty, integrity, friendship.  Fear….That I shall not achieve my goal of service to others.  Favorite player(s)….All who possess my traits mentioned earlier.


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