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Kindred’s Special: Beware the Spin–It Points to Character Burnout

November 4, 2012

Politicking is not my cup of tea.  I never enjoy writing about it because it seems plenty of others have their own two-cents to add to the public discussion. But then, I thought on Monday eve, it might be a good idea to reflect on abuses coming from character shortcomings.

Two events that clearly define the values on the political scene arose while I sat in disbelief of Fox News coverage of the Benghazi massacre at the American consulate.  From American shores we were told of the event that appeared to Fox News based upon their gathering of facts from memos etc. suggesting it was an orchestrated attack purposely meant to kill American Ambassador Stevens and destroy the consulate.

Dan Murphy, Monitor staff writer, reported in the October 15th issue on page 13, BRIEFING: ATTACK IN BENGHAZI, LIBYA describing events that led up to and included the attack and repulsion by a Libyan militia who arrived and drove away the attackers. They found Ambassador Stevens and did not know him but removed him to a hospital where he later died around midnight. Online at probably provides the full article by Mr. Murphy which seems to accurately cover the entire event. Or does it?  Fox news investigations, backed by located memo updates from the American Ambassador C. Stevens and others with him tell a different and more grievous story of how events unfolded.

The spin was out to kill the story until after the election.  The truth was shaded because of the events that unfolded did not fit the spin of the administration which delayed telling the facts by President Obama who seems to have a love affair with Islam by citing evidence that treachery, murder is under control now that Bin Laden is dead along with numerous others of his leaders. Miscalculation has led to denial and he continues to stand by his policies regarding the Middle Eastern support of rebels who grow more brazen everyday. Some American officials speak openly about world conditions that have come about by President Obama’s worldview.  Unfortunately his domestic view is likewise marred.  I have now seen government defile itself in order to stay in power.

President Obama believes in the Alinsky formula for revolution and said so when he stated recently that he wants his supporters to be sure they vote because it will be the tool for revenge.  I do not consider voting for revenge to be a reason to vote.  I know a lot of folks who vote because it is important to be a part of national pride and individual responsibility–a collective voice of duty, love for and honoring our way of life. I reject the word ‘revenge’ which holds only tolerance for deceit. Vote, but seek the truth by studying the issues so important to our future.

The second event was Hurricane Sandy. Coverage of this event was highlighted by the wide range of both aircraft photos and videos taken at the sites.  Once again the players in the media were the politicians who mostly made appearances for posterity as being on the scene and expressing their optimistic view that government had everything under control. Then they left for the poor homeless folks to wait for help and gas and heat and lights and food and clothing and locating loved ones whether alive or dead. Just too much for the common man, woman and child to absorb in a day or night. By all standards, it took a long time for help to come and then once set up, the problems of how people were to negotiate the enormous wreckage that was strewed everywhere to reach the Red Cross stations that got set up to aid them.  I am not sure the crowds really saw their elite politicians as anything but blowhards. Agencies meant to help had not even showed up hours later.

And what about the support of the American people and businesses that could help? Kentucky had sent repairmen and trucks to help clean up the downed wires and help clear trees downed by the flooding and high winds.  Would you not be surprised to learn that those same volunteers were chased away by the unions because the workers were not union members.  So they went home.

And their President Barack Obama after a brief time of TV photo shots and talks with some of the folks took off to fly to another cross-country tour of politicking. The last I heard, none of the federal agencies had entered the picture as promised by the President. Gas lines extended for miles and miles and many people had walked miles with gas cans to try to find an open station for fuel. Millions are still without electricity and areas that may have found those Kentuckians out there helping only saw the trail of diesel fuel going back to Kentucky. Shame on you b********union thugs.

Americans pray for all the folks who live in areas hit so hard by Hurricane Sandy.  It was an appropriate name to be sure for the destruction caused and the huge loss of sand meant to help curb floods and the ocean waves. I heard the cost might run to at least 10 billion dollars but I would guess it would be closer to 25 billion, if that will be even enough.

Sad.  I say that because of the folks working together with their local leaders have started to make inroads into cleaning up what they can by working together as a team. That is American exceptionalism and patriotism at its best.  Funds are starting to come in for the Red Cross, Salvation Army, church congregations and other charitable organizations.  Put the shoulder to correspond with ideas, and solutions will be expedited. That is America! Even among the ruins of what was once their home, their community, it is the American spirit and knowhow by folks who don’t wait for government to act or to whine but join together to fix what can be fixed.

“God Bless Us All!” Tiny Tim said it best.