KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: The Bumper Sticker

IS THERE ANY JUSTICE IN driver-mania along Route 104 that finds some kook pulling up on my tail in heavy home bound traffic? There always seems to be someone who risks life and limb, not only for the passengers and driver of such a tail-gating vehicle but also the traffic zipping behind and especially on four lane roads which could cause a multi-car pileup.  And forget the four-wheeler semis that cruise along at sixty.

I drive safely and follow the flow of traffic.  Usually there are cars and trucks ahead of me as well as those going past my buggy at 70 miles per hour. Maybe the guy or gal behind me thinks a few feet is sufficient time to correct a traffic condition.  Then, again, maybe they got their mind on getting home for supper or activity that evening.  A lot of the time I see a cell phone up to their ear that really scares me. WHERE ARE THE COPS AND TROOPERS????

Hey! I am not kidding folks.  When drivers are driving recklessly, not a cop car is seen anywhere.

I passed my driving test years ago. In fact, my parents would not permit me to go for my license until I was seventeen.  I recall the laws of driving and of the highways were specific. There was not ambiguous stuff in those pamphlets.  Must be the laws were watered down for the elite kids and busy adults who discovered modern technologies.  The best advice I ever got from my driving instructor was to always drive safe and defensively, never assuming others will do likewise.

Whenever I read or hear of traffic accidents on the highway, I shudder.  I think about the people involved and hope they are okay.  Cars can be replaced; people can’t.  The time to think safety first is essential especially for new drivers.  When I read about kids getting killed because of careless driving, with school chums having tears in their eyes when attending a funeral or putting flowers on the roadside where the accident happened, and what caused it matters little. Sure, friends are saddened. The school has aides to talk with school friends.

The reality of the frailness of life itself, in a moment of confusion and careless behavior that crushes a family quality for life, is a little late for condolences.


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