Kindred’s Special: The Buffalo Bills’ Blues

Yikes!  I never thought I would write anything other than the sport of chess or checkers but after the debacle of Sunday’s slaughter by the San Francisco 49ers and that of the previous week by the New England Patriots, it leaves me wondering why I bother to view the game.  Buffalo fans deserve better and honest work by the whole team–players and coaches. Structure wise, it plainly stinks if you read the hype presented by the Bills top brass that this was the year of the turnaround.  Ha, Ha.  The so-called great picks turned out to be duds–not something I observed but the basic fact that some of the highschool games were even more interesting and well-played. 

Now, I am no expert on football but I do see some things wrong with this whole Bills setup…everything from the coaches to the players, to personal upkeep starting with the coach to be cleaned shaved and week after week of telling the TV junkies that he has to clean up the mistakes on the field.  These pros come out of grade school, high school, and college ball and at what point is a kid, grown into a man, held responsible for the upcoming week’s game?  Personally I do not see justifying the ticket prices nor wasting time reading the rose-colored highlights of reporters who live by the upbeat garbage handed out by the coaching staff and players themselves prior to opening season.  The front line stinks and makes the quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick appear to be nothing more than a fair leader. The defense, hyped up to be ready to smash the offensive power to bits is a real joke. They cannot even find the opposing quarterback. Is there any wonder why 600 yard fiascos radiates mostly from mediocre play of the opposing offense that compiles such statistics?

Coach Gailey must feel embarrassed to watch his team mishandle everything on the field.  A coach can inspire and lead but it is the players who have to bite the bullet and be willing to take hits and give them fear or not of being injured.  Maybe it was Jackson’s being knocked out for the season as well as others that make team play timid.  Could be.  Because I really don’t see any cause but one of such fear to themselves physically that continues to cripple this Bills team.  Why some stars catch passes and others fumble is hard to explain.  Most of it comes from taking their eyes off the ball and trying to find a way to gain yardage.  First things first!  Catch the ball and keep it throughout the play.

In chess play, we can liken this to FIRST THINGS FIRST.  Cover the bases.  Allow for no surprise sacrifices or territorial gains, keeping control of our thoughts and ideas with confident resolve.



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  1. Kindred Says:

    Joe Eppard

    Yikes!  I never thought I would write anything other than the sport of chess or checkers but after the debacle of Sunday

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