Kindred’s Special: Where O’ Where Have Our Leaders Gone

What subject matter should I address here given those biblical words of wisdom having such profundity to enlighten us today?  I could amuse by simply saying, “God did not forsake you; it was you when you decided to abort God’s blessing to womanhood.  Throughout history leaders have emerged from many beginnings–some where life’s beginnings hung in the balance of mother’s and husband’s prayers and doctor’s skills; the uncertainty that life for a child would be hard; that advice to end it was the best thing for all concerned.  Then, of course there was the birth of many who could expect the very best from life.  God did not wave a wand or send an angel to give heavenly ups or downs, or to preselect favorites from the Heavens.  For God said, “I knew you before you were  born.”

Our lives today changed from previous times because we are encased in a glass tomb of sorts where privacy and independence is subject to criticism by an authorship  that it takes a village to raise a child. This reflection tends by liberals to defy what is the conservative view that individual freedom, of family life, of wanting the best for offspring, treating them with loving concern and that each has the right to pursue his or her goals free of being categorized from early teacher observance in the classroom.  No two children are ever the same; but each deserves the respect and attention to advance their potential.  Some learn early while others do not mature until they experience life in the work world or through military discipline and honor to serve the Nation.  Two conflicting views exist but should they?  Both have belief in their ideology.  Should one be cursed by the other?

What cause gives birth to cynicism?  It is not easy to draw forth from the dictionary various definitions of words that sometimes are sputtered far too freely without understanding. I suggest one should have a dictionary in every home and office.  Often words have dual meanings and can even be categorized as era-period.

Two words that convey in my mind are skeptic and cynic as being interchangeable.  But are they?  The former here should be a journalistic adventure into achieving an imbalance where objectivity and care to use influential writings express freedom to uphold honor, duty, humility and virtue for truth as the journalist reports it, not as an editorial whim or political tool.  On the other hand, the cynic scoffs at human enlightenment. To the cynic all things said, written, or having purpose of bettering life is written off as insincerity and deceit.  Justified criticisms are tossed aside as pure political skullduggery.

I do not know what the solution is but wonder how our American ideals and history, short as it is, has been founded on freedom from tyranny, warfare to clean the slate, and throughout our brief existence as nations go,  the people from every continent and island want to be friends with America. It is an umbrella shielding those less fortunate to enjoy the freedom of family life here and abroad.

Lord, we give thanks for your interventions into our discretion and pray asking that all people round the world will receive your blessings.  Teach them through your word the joy of peace, of family, of abiding by the 10-Commandments given us in the Old Testament for a guidance to purity of thought and deed.  Amen and Amen.


11 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: Where O’ Where Have Our Leaders Gone”

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  10. Hipolito M. Wiseman Says:

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