KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: A Review of the Current Political Scene

If I had to grade the current ups and downs of modern politics in this race toward the White House and both Houses, it saddens me as a long time Conservative-values voter to witness the slipshod manner of President Obama’s opposition that seems bent on winning the whole game as if it were a foregone certainty.  As every chess player knows, that is a dangerous evaluation of the game plan and  likely can backfire on the optimistic projection of what is reality.

Americans often support the underdog, the politician who has the guts to fight like a dog and claw like a cat when his very life depends on it.  A good example is the media’s naming Dewey as President ahead of the vote count only to see Harry S. Truman riding the rails and stopping in every hick town and city to make his own case for support of the voters and that turned the tables.  Remember that Harry S. Truman was not well thought of as successor to Roosevelt who took him on as his running mate and history may well point to Harry S. Truman as one leader of foresight and greatness for his steadfastness.  His biggest problem, like those of the current crop of candidates, was his dislike of the Republican Party.

President Obama sees the Republicans and Conservatives  as  philosophical  and pragmatic institutions far removed from his own socialistic liberalism and progressive stance for all decisions. That is why he tells the flock that Romney wants to turn back the pages of history. A liar cannot retain wisdom  but see it drift like the winds of history.  Harry S. Truman was honest and was not known as a liar.  Barack Obama has been called a liar legitimately because he twists the facts and truth to fit his insatiable need for control and power.

My earlier review of the candidates suggested I favored Santorum because I liked his fighting spirit and spicy manner of going most of the way (as it turned out) where failure rested with the low financial support and non backing of the powers within the Party.  I called Mitt Romney a pure and simple opportunist and I thought then that I was kind to use that phrase.  Frankly speaking, the literature I receive which numbers in the dozens asking for financial support lack a real vibrant and powerful message package but rather simply the same old tone and comments that sure do not set my seat on fire.  Wish it did!  The literature reminds me of past failures such as 2008 to put spark and truth into the rhetoric.  As you recall, or read my essay back then in 2007 or 2008, the then Barack Obama, classy newcomer with no experience, went on to lead the children and many adults like the Pied Piper in the fairytale.

The difference between 2008 and now is that the President has gained experience and manages to quell with his skillful oratory the mistakes of the past. Before he would not co-operate with the opposition, and with lack of real leadership integrity forced through what has turned from a deep and dark hole to one of light where the evils of the whole system now can be weighed and exposed for the fallacy of green youthful optimism.   His view is to rewrite history as he sees it knowing many citizens lack the interest for accuracy but rely upon our leaders to govern as they see fit. What the President says must be true because it would be cruel to say he is a liar.

The whole concept of being GREEN,  like it was a wonderful and wholesome proof of smarts that the environmentalists hold dear, has shown a horrible turn of events.  In both cases the bird life suffers.  The green windows put in buildings find birds crashing into them and dying by the thousands.  Same with the windmills that effect the migration of much bird life. These are just two light examples of the fallacies of so-called ‘good change.’  So what do the environmental nuts think about their brainstorming now?!

My own view is that the country cannot stand another 4-years of deceit, lies, half-truths and staff in power that have shortchanged our honorable nation with whims of getting along for the sake of getting along.  Our Nation suffers and no amount of honey coating is going to fix the mess Obama handed us; remember that voters asked for it–they got it but it was not what most expected.

My comments do not alter for a moment my belief that Mitt Romney can win but only if the effort made is more than strawberries on sponge cake with whipped cream.

By the way, my vote would be for former military leader Allen West for Vice President. Is anyone listening??


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