Kindred’s Special: 1942 Chess Match, Reshevsky vs. Kashdan, Game 6

White: Isaac Kashdan   vs.    Black: Samuel Reshevsky     Opening:  Ruy Lopez – Morphy variation

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. Bb5  a6  4. Ba4  Nf6  5. O-O  Be7  6. Re1  b5  7. Bb3  d6  8. c3  Na5  9. Bc2  c5  10. d4  Qc7  11. h3  O-O  12. a4  Bd7  13. Nbd2  cxd4  14. cxd4  Rfc8.  So far as played between Fine vs. Reshevsky, AVRO 1938. Kashdan varies now from Fine’s continuation of 15. Bd3 sacrificing a pawn for position. Kashdan obviously tries to improve on that game which Reshevsky won.

15. axb5  Qxc2  16. Qxc2  Rxc2  17. Rxa5  Bxb5  18. Ra1   Perhaps Kashdan thought he could capture on e5 but discovers that the black Bishop can play to b4 and White is in trouble.

18. … Rac8  19. b3  Bf8  20. dxe5  dxe5  21. Ba3  Bxa3  22. Rxa3  Rc1  23. Rxc1  Rxc1+ 24. Kh2  Rc2  25. Ra1  Kf8  26. Kg1  Nd7  27. Nc4  Bxc4.  Alekhine says when annotating this game that he would have played 27…f6 with the threat of Nc5 so 28.Na3  Rb2  29. Nxb5 axb5  30. Rd1 Ke7 31. Rd3 b4 and 32…Nc5 would be clearly in Black’s favor.

28. bxc4  Rxc4  29. Rxa6  Rxe4  30. Ra7  Ke7 31. Ng5  Rd4  32. Nxh7  f6  33. g4  Kf7 34. g5  f5  35. Kf1  Rd6  36. g6+ Rxg6  37. Rxd7+ Kg8  38. Re7  Kxh7  Draw.

Reshevsky just misses a win in this strategic battle that suggests that you try to win with white and be satisfied drawing with black.  With five games remaining, the score is now 3.5-2.5 in favor of Reshevsky who now opens game 7 as White.  Such strategy puts pressure on the adversary.  One might conclude that a draw in this game actually equals a win in match strategy.

During this period Alekhine was respectful of potential challengers coming to the fore.  He held great respect for Reshevsky’s skill and considered him a true child prodigy who carried forth his talent for chess into adulthood. He acknowledged this depth of skill and only whether Reshevsky desired to work hard to achieve the right for title match and desire it strong enough.


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