Kindred’s Special: World Aflame, Part 2

My first part covered a variety of issues and history for how we eventually arrived at the nature of the Beast, being a news media that fails in the truth and fact test because the progressive liberal view of the world that is aflame with the counter view, namely–Conservatism.  Today we live in a world of hate, of liars, of half-truth tellers whose journalistic life somehow got clouded by mixing it with opinionism. Out of the past we might just ask, “what is wrong with this picture and how did we get to this point that endangers our nation as not seen since either the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish-American War, and the two World Wars in which we prevailed and certainly provided the deciding actions that ended both to return the World from darkness to light”?

When I talk about communism and socialist influence in American life I am referring to the era probably from the 1930s with the effects of depression, dust bowls, development of a colorful time that saw emerge such names as hobo, roaring twenties, music that became total American as an art form in music.  Thus, one might see the depression as a molding of American spirit.  During this era, chess was popular and the hustler became a common enough term for skilled experts in various sports and games. Literary works of all types appeared that enriched stimuli of thought, analysis, and fostered in the post depression era that came about through intrigue of nations using that turmoil of national self-interests that bred the instincts for envy and hatred.

War cost many to lose their lives who were accomplished chess players; some of their games displayed marvelous understanding and skill. No doubt such loss was seen in every country that was involved.  Why war when we certainly as a human race through the centuries experienced such tribulations.  It touched all nations’ people–rich, poor, educated and uneducated alike. Some intellectuals actually believed that the Nazi regime met no harm to the Jews as was voiced by one such woman who following her address to a body intellect that found herself crushed the next day by the Nazi hate campaign along with possibly most who heard her address.

Thus, we find ourselves updated by Part 2 of World Aflame. You may wonder what all this has to do with the state of affairs we find ourselves in today’s time. I use this word as an illustration of chessplaying time clocks.  With a time clock we can stop our time.  In the real world, there is no button to stop the passage of time.  We must examine wisely the use of time given us as a nation and a people.  The problem is the generation of Americans with the huge influx of peoples from round the world, the intermarriage of many from a diverse cultural background, wide range of interests and education that emerged during the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries was a uniquely physical, social and belief structure that makes the United States embrace the concept of freedom that originated in the British Empire by words but wholly practiced in America following the Civil War that destroyed slavery from our shores.  The USA is the only nation that truly gives all who reside within its borders, the free opportunity to go as far as their education, character and work ethic takes them.  Of course a small element is often seen as being exceedingly productive and perhaps some who fail to manage their affairs to reach their hoped goals.  But the freedom exists and it depends upon the spirit to achieve success, and that success can be experienced in a number of ways.

Currently our government is made up of local, state, and national public representatives through elections in most cases where legislatures regulate and put into practice those laws and regulations established for the purpose of a smooth and effective operation our social needs.  Liberals tend to rely upon government policies that tend to care for the public from birth to the grave as some have envisioned it. We have two major parties–Democrat and Republican, each having a general philosophy and which the Democrat Party is embraced by the liberal segment and the Republican Party tends to favor a conservative philosophy.  Unfortunately we are told that we are a democracy which is false.  We are a republic.

When people immigrate to America they are offered a choice of joining a political party and those in charge usually suggest the new arrivals register with the Democrat Party.  The news media through TV, newspapers, radio, and work and social life tends to push the party designated by the Jackass image as being in the interests of the working class.  Over the years, both parties have cooperated, each giving their best proposals and ideas for conducting government affairs. However, as time passed, more and more outside the political circles began to desire to bury the opposition of whomever they supported.  This has led to citizen distrust of elected representatives that intensified over time by the lobbyists who suggest pet projects, leading to graft, corruption and stealing of tax monies meant for necessary infrastructure projects, and research and development of national defense projects.  The general belief as I see it is that distrust and disgust has grown which has given birth to the newest rebellion of taxpayers and lovers of freedom–THE TEA PARTY.

While in the past there have been ideas for a balanced budget and cut out of government waste, it has been nothing but lip service by the politicos hoping such stimulus disappeared once out of sight.  Things changed with the TEA PARTY which is not really a strong band of a central influence but is a general across the National scene of people who are willing to put their money, mouth and concentration on dictating what they want and expect from their representatives who run and are elected on a platform of fiscal responsibility.

The consequences of the debates which I shall not rehash as you should keep abreast of government propaganda, truth or lies, pretty much brings us to the point of finalizing this essay. I shall conclude that I find for myself that our President is a principal to such a degree that I find myself calling him a specialist in exaggeration pure and simple. His ideology is so blatantly skewed up where he cannot find himself to enact some very excellent proposals by a number of quarters–politicians, businessmen, owners, economists, doctors, lawyers, teachers.  Many have appeared before congressional hearings. This self-grand egotist finds it impossible to see the trees but for the forest, and he appears to idolize both socialist and communist propaganda despite the historical shortcomings of both. He is a narcissist.

I close with some of my own views and suggestions that seems to me to be most viable in reaching a process to remedy our current strife:

  • Invite business executives for cutting the crap about hiring by building a consensus they can agree to so they can began to hire and expand their business opportunities;
  • rescind unnecessary regulations effecting business operations and potential growth;
  • simplify the tax code by reducing tax rates while eliminating loopholes;
  • fine heavily those businesses that cheat intentionally if proven in a court of law regarding excessive environmental damage to land and water safety standards;
  • pass legislation that penalizes unfair trading practices by demanding an equal playing field, e.g. hike tariffs on any abuse;
  • require a balanced budget guaranteed following a three-year timeframe for it being enacted and adopted;
  • stop fraud of mail scams with severe financial fines 200% above the worth of a scam, and police cooperation among countries of international origins;
  • enforce mail fraud with fines and or prison sentences;
  • encourage the setting up of volunteer corporate leadership in supporting programs to improve youth development in scholastics and sport with tax credit;
  • infrastructure is in bad shape and must be attacked much like a chess game battle and would likely lead to millions of jobs in various sectors–federal, state, local.

These suggestions I give merely as samples of what smart people might come up with. There comes a time when Americans have to band together to take responsibility for building an American goal of restoring a vibrant workforce.  Our national security and our continued leadership in the world and every nook and cranny of our land has a value not measurable.

God Bless America and all free people in society of good character and honor!


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