Kindred’s Special: The World Aflame

The World Aflame I chose for this essay to illustrate that the idiots running the US government and policy making boards that comprise it and love to appear on channel 44 that seems to me to be an exposure to public scrutiny that shows just exactly who these liberal and conservative voices are. Yes, some are excellent speakers and offer up challenging questions of the bodies seated before them. Still, one gets an impression that it is mostly hype.  Much of this is hidden within the realm of committee members seeking truth and I certainly applaud this as most members are there to do the people’s business.  Yet, if one sees the results of Congress who now are split between control by Republicans in the House and the Senate in control of the jackassery headed by the senator from Nevada.

I have no voice in bringing down such a corrupt and communistic society that has been emerging year by year since the 1940s in America and slowly being transformed into the modern-day media. Lets face it, since the Joe McCarthy era, communism has stepped aside seemingly and been most happy to take steps backwards while retaining a dynamic chess position within the United States. First, lets set the record straight about Senator MacCarthy.  He was after communists who had infiltrated the US government and a few who held high positions of influence.  The media attacked McCarthy falsely as the head of the investigation into Hollywood communist influence for which, as I recall, had nothing to do directly with that committee investigation. A number of talented actors and others in the industry were vilified and many unjustly without proof.  It was an era of desperate fear in a time of atomic bombs being dropped on our country and I remember we school children having to hide in the closet or under our desks at the wailing of threats from bombing runs by enemy bombers. The committee running this investigation was not that of Joe MacCarthy who I think was grossly smeared by the media press on purpose to kill off all investigation of socialist/communist influence.  The mere fact that the Russians dominance in Europe, spreading down in South America and North Korean attack on South Korea leading President Truman’s introducing the idea of “police action” rather than declaring war caused watchful diligence by the USA.

Now, what has all this got to do with current events.  As a chess player I like to look back at history and many Americans today either do not remember those events or were not yet born. I was. I was there. And as a student of history I always review the past that often exposes truth into the modern era.  In the book The Naked Communist that was pulled from the shelves of school libraries most likely noted that communist planning was willing to take two steps backwards to move three steps forward at a future time.

The American woman chess champion Mary Bain went to Russia for the world championship.  She was treated like royalty and shown a city that was built special for tourists and important persons to show the superiority of Soviet life.  The USCF did nothing to assist our woman champion who had to virtually wage battles all by herself. She came back to America rather imbittered over lack of American support as many other countries had done for their representatives.  In similar ways, our own Sammy Reshevsky met with conditions that Reshevsky called suspicious. Of course no one could prove such scandalous  activity by drawing or throwing games  to  favor the eventual winner.  Later on, Bobby Fischer raised similar objections of Soviet  tinkering and even dropped out. In most recent times, there was the Korchnoi vs Karpov controversy and later on what we might term the  “Toilet Affair..”

When I was a teen I loved chessplay because I felt that it was a game of high integrity.  Subsequent events and like those above apparently prove me wrong. It is not, however, chess that is to blame but those who engage in such skullduggery.

Now, going back to politics, it is evident that the associations of Obama over the years, his appointments of dubious characters to positions of dominance despite proven skullduggery in activities and  financial wrongdoings, his utter lack of skills in understanding government and a suspicious lack of having integrity beyond reproach gives the American citizens the right to chastise the media of course which is mum on that because they are shamed by their utter support of this man for the highest office wishing to hide facts from the public and following him like one follows a Pied Piper.  Never mind truth, justice and honor but to make Americans over zealous in electing the first black man President.

Current news I do not wish to repeat here as everyone knows the facts who have interest in making a study of such a man having such character flaws as overshadowing all to preserve his personal ideology.

Tonight I just heard on the news the loss of military (among them navy seals) personnel and acknowledgement by President Obama’s lackadaisical report on the death of those men.  Dr. Savage reported in-depth who questioned the use of the type of military craft used and suggests that  such operations are not used normally in such raids.

God Bless America and wake up before it is too late, if there is still time.

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