Kindred’s Special: A Chessic Perspective on the Passing Scene

Horror of horrors!  The general public continues down the road of least resistence, fabricating lies as truth that runs the gambit of reckless commentary.  Is it the public or rather is it the politic that turns the head of so many to find their instant gratification coming in the guise of passing the buck.  Well, Harry S. Truman (the S stood for nothing, it just sounded right to complete his handle) coined the famous presidential, “The buck stops here.” that adorned his desk.

Folks, we are living in dangerous economic times where stupidity flourishes. It reminds me of someone filling a garbage can, stirring it around to mix up the content, and then dumping it where the beginnings and ends of the contents is just a pile of mush.  So much garbage is being given the American voters, not only the old but the younger voters too, can be seen by this old man of gray hair and ills as the devil’s work.

The TV is full of junk commentary from all sides. It seems like the public is being given a snow job. Donald Trump jumps on the bandwagon blaming Ryan for the medicare proposals and at the same time telling the American people we can tell China to go to hell as well as OPEC.  We had better hope they don’t tell us to go to HELL. We seem headed that way anyway because our wonderful government policies keep passing the buck like they have for two centuries of mismanagement and corrupt behavior.

I wrote earlier that our politicians needed to learn how to play chess with some expertise; sure enough, they use chess lingo and did you ever see the smirk on their faces when they mention that being “a chess game” is the crux of the problems we constantly meet and have to deal with.  But it is all hot air coming from their lips.  There is no desire to correct the situation. Oh, sure. Lets just cut the graft and corruption.  Lets just pass on the problems down the road because political assessment suggests we have all the time in the world to get serious.  No, the American people do not want to hear the truth; it is an age old truth. Truth hurts. And remedies hurt.  But at some time, we are going to face the truth.  As I see it, Ryan’s proposal begins to tell the facts and truth.  The opportunity to put things off for another time is gone. It has been put off, put off, put off, and the Earth planet somehow will continue to rotate on its axis.

Ho, hum.  I see Herman Cain as a conservative who is a potential class act leader. How far he goes in this 2012 election and what influence he may play in the final debates is up to the American people. But to my thinking, and seeing him in the debate as well as his commentary often sought, I find him a refreshing and truthful figure on the horizon.

God Bless America.  It needs it in triplicate.


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