Kindred’s Special: Trouble Times

Today, more than ever, suggests the truth in wonderment as to whether we shall have good or troubled times in the days ahead. How often in fact do we experience hearing comments from family, friends, neighbors, associates, and strangers such as these:  “That bugs me.” “That really ticks me off.” “Life’s a bummer.” “Life’s a drag.” “I’m fed up.” “Everything’s a mess.” “I am bored with Life.” “I feel pooped all the time.” Such negative vibes reflect on our nature and surroundings and most certainly the spirit of speaker and recipient of such downhearted and usually thoughtless comments.

Getting out of bed in the light of dawn and looking forward to a wonderful day lifts the spirit to such thoughts as, “What things will I accomplish today?” “It’s great to be alive!”  And such feelings bring out compliments to others and such uplifting spirit usually rubs off on others throughout the day.

I study my Bible and in verse 1 Peter (1-8) it gives my spirit joy that reads, “Rejoice with unspeakable joy and full of glory.”

I find the American spirit to be wholly lopsided as a measuring tool for such because the media has so torn apart the joy of Christiandom within our Land, and the governmental ignorance and influence by such hidious organizations that are given liberties to voice hatred and tend to bash truth and justice to bits.  I think you know the names and people who work daily to destroy the religious fruits of our Land. It makes one wonder about the past great writers and newsmen and their outlets who tried through the years to keep the public aware with hard news but truthful coverage.  Looking at the many in the news today, it is easy to see why our Nation is so-at-risk. Lies replace truth and justice. Facts are blurred with ever increasing garbage fed the public who simply put up with it rather than demanding the slate be wiped clean and windows be opened to let in fresh air.  Brings to mind, “Throw the Bums Out!”  Our religious leaders are rarely heard from today. Sometimes they, too, remain inert for fear of advocating faith and being attacked.

I was taught that people came to this Land to find and practice religious freedom. History says that man’s weakness betrayed such a grand undertaking because human nature as it is often seen leads people astray or to practice things unGodly. Thus, people experienced a variety of ill-got laws and environments that made a portion of people think Christianity a farce and subject to severe criticism in the way such religious leaders and the Church in general looked upon a multitude of human shortcomings as well as strengths.  Is there any wonder that people trained to think and study human issues have tended to rebel against the status quo?

People can be too critical of man’s workings.  The nature of the beast (man and woman intellect) in today’s world tend to seek alternative arguments and such argumentive behavior is bad for the digestion.  I tend to believe that the spirit within each of us is bound hand and foot, head to toe– leaving little space for evaluation and remedy.  A good lively sermon is needed on Memorial Day.  Those attending church having a sleepy attitude of indifference has missed the entire meaning of Life and personal relationship with Jesus through prayer with our Father who art in Heaven.

To shortchange Christian belief is to deny the existence of God, given peace of heart through study of  Holy Scripture of the Bible and private prayer with our Maker.  Is there any wonder why the World is coming unhinged?

11 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: Trouble Times”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    Perhaps I can relate a thought how Bronstein and Tal shared a similar approach to chess. Both looked at a game, not as a theorem that required proof, but as a performance where human emotions played a significant role in seeing the picture unfold on the chessboard.

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