Kindred’s Special: Honesty Makes Me Hopeful — The Josh Ferrin Family

Probably most of you have not heard of Josh Ferrin, the former assistant design editor for the Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, New York.  He and his family now live in Salt Lake City, Utah.  When you move to a new life, a home is one of the first requirements and a house was purchased.  He picked up the keys earlier this week and decided to check out the premises.  His search discovered a metal box in the attic above the garage, an old ammo box from World War II. Inside was a huge array of bundled cash, various personal papers, etc.  He then found several additional boxes. He took them to his parents home along with his wife and children and laid out the enormous bundles of their contents.  Ferrin thought to himself about how such a find could pay for many of his family’s financial needs; he was no saint after all, but something told him the loot was meant for the previous owner’s family.

He could imagine him in his workshop. From time to time, carefully bundling up $100 with twine, climb into his attic and put it into a box to save. He didn’t do that for me.  Arnold Bangerter had worked as a biologist for the Utah Department of Fish and Game. He had purchased the home in 1966 and lived there with his wife who died in 2005.  Josh contacted his children and his oldest son said they knew he had hid money because they had found a bundle taped beneath a drawer but had no idea that he had saved up such a huge sum as over $45,000.  He grew up in hard times and people who survived in that era saved their money.  He told the Deseret News, the paper Ferrin now worked for, that the return of the money is a story that will outlast our generation and probably yours as well.

Ferrin related, ‘I’m a father, and I worry about the future for my kids. I can see him putting that money away for a rainy day and it would have been wrong of me to deny him that thing  he worked on for years. I felt like I had to write a chapter in his life, a chapter he was not able to finish and see it through to its conclusion. The money was not ours and I don’t believe you get a chance very often to do the right thing–the honest thing, to do something that teaches honesty for the Ferrin clan.’

4 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: Honesty Makes Me Hopeful — The Josh Ferrin Family”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    In a world full of murder, hate, political foolery and corruption, of lies and character assassinations or attacks on our military and covert personnel that protect our country for political expediency, I find it refreshing and pass on to you the above. Along with this report, I have read in reader comments in D&C of stories of Rochesterians finding lost wallets, purses, roadside breakdowns where both adults and teenagers came to the rescue to help in time of need. God Bless all of you and keep America safe and living up to its ideals.

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