Kindred’s Special: Developing Opening Repertoires–The Slav Gambit

One of the joys of chess is the remarkaable way pencil, pen, and typewriter have  merged successfully with electronic breakthroughs in high tech.  Human endeavor for discovery of the value seen in the computer chess software explosion and speed of transmittal across the world with almost instantaneous reception failed to kill the game as some had predicted.  Instead, the evolution of postal chess using  snail mail necessary for past national and international competitions can now find  enthusiasm among the chess public for such competition. To be fair to snail mail, there remains those who cherish that continued manner of play. Players with limited time to study due to their professions favored correspondence play as it permitted sufficient time within their busy schedules to analyze positions and research materials for guidance which added to the high level of play and interesting games. This proves a positive asset for widening one’s understanding and skill for chess positions.  Hence, the whole  evolutionary process seen has debunked those who felt chess was played out and dead and should be put out to sea. That fallacy is uprooted by man’s imagination and recognition offered up in various “TREE  BRANCHES”‘  and reflects a positive benefit.

In recent times, the Slav Defense has made a rather common reappearance.  It was once quite popular and made so by both Alekhine and Euwe among others. It has various ways to tickle the white adversary and I shall endeavor to give a line that is sharp, speculative, and where those with weak hearts may herewith be warned: IS YOUR INSURANCE POLICY PAID UP? 

1. d4  d5  2. c4  c6  3. Nc3  e6  You may of course go back to the 1937 rematch between World Champion Dr. Max Euwe and former champion Alexander Alekhine in the famous rematch and his return as world champion. In that match, Dr. Euwe played 3. …dxc4  4. e4  e5  that reminds me of a circus act on the high wire with no net for safety.  In Alekhine style he essays a very sharp suggestion for Euwe and the challenge is accepted.  The alternative is to develop the Knight to f3 that is more normal and tempers an Alekhine adventureous mood. Black can opt to transpose into a Caro Kann Defense by 4…Bb4 which is another story.

4. … dxe4  5. Nxe4  Bb4+  6. Bd2  Qxd4  7. Bxb4  Qxe4+  8. Be2  Euwe gave in his notes as reasonable 8. Ne2  Nd7 9. Qd6 c5 10. Bxc5  Nxc5  11. Qxc5 Bd7 as equal, but 8…Qxc4  9. Qd6 Nd7  10. Nc3  Qh4  11. O-O-O looks better for white.

8. …Na6 A future for a Knight on the rim looks dim. In this variation, we come to  a crossroad where the Bishop must move and has a5, d6 or c3 as practical choices. Here is where my square count theory enters the picture. Lets go with 9. Bc3  Ne7 10. Nf3  O-O  analysis by Taimanov.  Now, as I suggested in the previous article, the Rook Pawn sortie to h4 looks interesting.  If 11. …Ng6 17. Ng5 Qf5 13. Bd3  Qc5  14. Qh5 h6  15. O-O-O  or; if he tries say 11. …f6, then 12. h5 starts getting into Black’s  King-wing.

There exists more ideas in this opening and I just want to wet your appetite to have fun exploring the possibilities. It is the best way to improve. I have provided some logical play that leaves the position open for more study and evaluation.

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