Kindred’s Kaleidoscope Special: Update on New York Politics–What’s My Beef Costs

Governor Andrew Cuomo notes there are tough choices ahead. Really? Kudos to him for starting out reasonably with some sane ideas and plans. But sadly lacking is a proposal to roll back and overhaul something long overdue–that of years of corruption in the labor unions in this state.  Ever see some of these big shot labor bosses? They all look like NFL 280-300 pounders.  Those NFL guys deserve the high salaries and perks they get; not so the union leaders nor the rank and file. Lets face facts. The State does not have the money. People left the region for greener pastures, early retirements, and the chance to wiggle their toes in the warm sand and sunny beaches of coastal America or brave the wilds of the north country. What most citizens fail to appreciate is that the fat purses and financial wizzardry of the shell game is no more. The cupboard is fast emptying and the hype of union demands met in past decades has been blown out of the water for the careless and wasteful behavior exhibited for too long.

What should be done but won’t is a financial reevaluation of the public employee benefit packages, excessive wage formulas, etc. all having to do with perks for union members, mostly their bosses, need scaling back. Sure, hate me but you know I speak the truth fellow reader. It pains to say the truth sometimes. I was never a member of a union thank God because I would have felt guilty as hell for abetting the State crisis we find ourselves as do most across the country. There are two exceptions for this: the firemen and the police. These folks put the their life on the line every time they go out the door to go to work. There is the stress on wives of these men and now to some extent on the husbands where the wife is the professional firefighter or police officer. And in this grouping, I include prison guards and staff.  In all, I am for fair wages for job discriptions and benefits toward retirement for union members but these pension plans should not be in the hands of the unions nor their cronies that far too often have seen their members shortchanged. One example is the truck drivers who, if they change union locations because of moving may well lose their benefits and have to start over. And the poor guys who are forced to contribute toward those on strike makes the American way far too socialistic and deprives both business and union negotiators a fair playing field to address working conditions.

The Democrat and Chronicle newspaper, a much improved news outlet for Rochester and surrounding area features a photo of Cuomo with his left index finger raised in making a point at his State Address on Wednesday. Highlighted is Cash Cap, a wage freeze and spending controls; Tax limits, 2% cap on property taxes; Reform, review ethics and unfunded mandates. He mixed optimism with a  bleak finanical picture picture facing NYS, saying the State can once again serve as a leader of the nation if it makes tough choices about it’s future.  He vowed to consolidate agencies.

But hold on just a minute Governor. What about the milking of the New York taxpayer that includes business enterprises to give balloon gifts to unions, it’s bosses and membership-at-large? Sure, decades of wealth that made New York the Empire State no longer exists. Just look at the state of our parks! for crummy sakes. Yet, the union worker continues to get plush wages in a menu far beyond value rendered. Sure, I can see the flaming cigar chewing bigwigs in unions having eye bulges right about now. Chances are though, these folks are not chessplayers and do not read anything but the Labor Union News. I refuse to criticize any worker who gives his or her best to their job or responsibility. Good wages do not mean golden parachute returns for work done.

Frankly I do not want to report on the content of the Governor’s speech other than to say it seems to be a good beginning to address the woes of New York State. But one paragraph noted that disturbs me just a little as a New York Conservative: “The governor offered many ideas which we will consider carefully,” said Danny Donohue, president of the powerful Civil Service Employees Association. He added (and here is the business as usual clinker folks!), “Where we disagree, there will be healthy debate to find ways to work together.”  The taking will continue; the giving will be debated.

Can that be music to our ears?

Last month the State employee layoff  was 900 workers. Unfortunately, the empty space had to be filled so good union members still employed were granted overtime wages to meet state mandated goals. This amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars–government savings or waste?

Hats off to our wise political economic experts.

Chess politics is no different. It has only become more sophisticatedly corrupt given the greed and high jinks of the establishment.

I am reminded of former President Harry S. Truman who had on his desk the plaque: The Buck Stops Here. The trouble with Harry is that he had no middle initial–it just sounded right!


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